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Do I need to buy a translation?

No.  If you purchased your GS-911 from the distributor that is responsible for the translation, then you do not pay an additional fee for your translation.

Currently we support 6 languages - English, German, Spanish, French, Chinese, Dutch.  These translations are currently only available in the Windows PC version of GS-911 and the GS-911wifi mobile version.

The translations are done by the Tier1 distributors, and all their customers can download their respective translation at no additional cost.  These translations are available to anyone, however, if you are NOT a customer of the distributor that is responsible for that translation, then you will be charge a once-off fee of US$59.

Translations and Distributors:

LanguageDistributors with FREE translations
English ALL distributors

MFT - Milewski Fahrzeugtechnik GmbH (Germany & Austria)

Touratech AG (Global)

Kaufmann Automotive GmbH (Switzerland)

Wunderlich GmbH (Global)

Auto-Intern (Germany)

PCI Diagnosetechnik (Germany)

Detlev Louis (Germany)

Spanish Motorvista (Spain)

OBD AUTO (France)

Xantip bvba (Belgium)

Chinese DianLvZi HeZuoShe (China)
Dutch Xantip bvba (Belgium)


How do I download or purchase a translation?

With the translations we've introduced the GS-911 Downloader. You download this application from the Downloads page, connect your GS-911 interface and run the application. It will read the license off your GS-911 interface and determine what software versions and languages are currently available for your device (internet access required - the GS-911 Downloader connects to our server to determine what software is available).  If you do not have download rights to a specific translation, it will have a purchase button alongside it. If you click the purchase button, it will guide you through the online purchasing process, update your license and then you will have the necessary rights to download that specific translation.

Example: You want the Spanish translation.

  • If you purchased your GS-911 from the Spanish Distributor, then you will automatically be able to download the Spanish translation without any additional cost.
  • If you purchased your GS-911 from anyone else (not the Spanish Distributor), then you will see a "Click button to buy this additional translations" at a cost of US$59. See the picture below.  You can also see that this interface was purchased from the US distributor, Beemershop. Once you click the button, you will be guided through the online purchasing process. Once completed, if you run the GS-911 Downloader again, this translation will have a link for downloading it.



Will you consider any other translations?

We are currently considering Italian as a further translation - all other remaining languages are too small within the BMW market.


NOTE: we are currently working on a way for customers to purchase translations using only the Browser interface of the GS-911wifi device (this will make it possible to purchase a translation without the need of running the GS-911downloader on a Windows PC).