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Trying to install the java mobile version on my BB, but

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UPDATE: Blackberry has made such a hash of this, that we have resorted to releasing a native application for BlackBerries again... - bottom line: just use the Blackberry app in stead of the ordinary .JAR file... You can download this or send it to your phone using the GS-911downloader.

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Most new BlackBerries (running BlackBerry smartphone software 4.2.1 or newer) can run Java midlet applications (and are JSR-82 compliant).  Read the related FAQ on using the GS-911Verifier, to test whether your device is JSR-82 compliant: How will I know whether it will work on my mobile phone?  To determine what OS version you're currently running, click the Options icon on your BlackBerry home screen and select About.

You install the software and when you try to run it you get something like: "Error starting GS911Mobile1_32 Module 'GS011Mobile1_32' has verification error 1085 at offset 7ccc"

  Update your BB OS to the latest version

Your Application Manager software does not recognize it as a valid file and you get something like: "No Additional applications designed for your device were found"

  Update your BB Application Manger to the latest version

We have found that the absolute easiest way to install the java mobile version on a BB is as follows:

  • navigate to using the Browser on your BB
  • log in to the hexcode site, so you have download rights
  • navigate to the downloads page, and follow the links and click on the GS911mobile.jar link

this will download and install the application...