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What are the Bluetooth/Mobile requirements?

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Firstly, you need a GS-911 with bluetooth (GS-911blu)! The mobile apps do NOT work with USB-only GS-911 interfaces (GS-911usb). This FAQ applies to the GS-911 Mobile App, for Bluetooth-enabled GS-911 devices.  (This FAQ does NOT apply to the GS-911wifi device - the GS-911wifi device works on Android and iOS devices without any specific apps installed on the Android or iOS device).

For ordinary phones (NOT Blackberry, or Windows Mobile 5 & 6 or Android), like your typical Nokia, Motorola or Sony Ericsson etc., the mobile requirements are a phone that has bluetooth and runs Java applications (with CLDC 1.1 minimum) AND it has to comply to JSR-82.  See additional FAQ: How will I know whether it will work on my mobile phone? In summary:

For JavaMobile version (all non-Blackberry, non-Windows Mobile, non-Android) devices:

Use the GS911Verifier.jar to test compatibility (see related FAQ "What does the GS911Verifier do?")

If you don't know whether your phone complies to the above, please look it up, Google it's specifications or contact your Mobile phone vendor - do not ask us!


  • it needs Bluetooth and for BB OS 10 and later it needs to have Android support.


  • it needs Bluetooth ;-)
  • Android 2.3 or higher. Also see related FAQ for Known issues.

Windows Mobile devices

  • a WinMobile 5.x or 6.x device with Bluetooth

All other devices

  • Have to use the JavaMobile version, hence have to be JSR-82 and CLDC1.1 compliant - use the GS911Verifier.jar to test compatibility (see related FAQ)


Also see the FAQ: "Which GS-911 software to use?".