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What does the GS-911 downloader do?

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The GS-911 Downloader ONLY runs on a Windows PC. You use this application to download different languages and older mobile bluetooth versions, to your PC, from where you can redistribute them to other devices. Alternatively it allows you to email links to the mobile bluetooth downloads to older devices.


Once you have downloaded the GS-911 Downloader and run it on your PC, the application will ask you to connect your GS-911 interface (after it has installed the correct USB driver for yellow devices), which is required so it can determine the license on the interface. This is how the GS-911 Downloader determines what software is available for YOUR specific device.  The downloader will then launch a web page, listing links of the available downloads. Download the PC Application in order to perform offline diagnostic operations.  If your GS-911 interface has not yet been registered (typical for a new GS-911), the server will initiate the registration page as a first step, prior to listing your downloadable links. This registration process is required and is a once-off process.


If for instance you purchased your interface from the Dutch distributor, then the Dutch translation of GS-911 will be automatically available to you.  If you have any other interface (not purchased by the distributor that was responsible for the translation) then you will have an option of purchasing this translation where after it will become available for you too... (please see the FAQ on Translations)