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What does the GS911Verifier do?

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Use the GS911Verifier to test whether your device is JSR-82 compliant!

Use the GS911Verifier on the Java midlet enabled mobile phones, to test whether your device is capable of running the GS911Mobile.jar version.

The GS911Verifier does NOT run (and is not intended to run) on ANDROID, Windows Mobile or Windows PC operating systems (Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7). This is for use on normal phones like Nokia, Motorolla, Sony-Ericsson and BlackBerries that can run Java MIDLET applications.

You can download the GS911Verifier.jar . Alternatively type this into the browser of your mobile device:

This Java midlet will simply test your phone and tell you whether it is suited or not - most are ;-) . Once you click the [Test] button, the status will be shown as one of the following:

  • "Your device is capable of running GS911!" (good on you.. you can run the Java midlet on your device!)
  • "Bluetooth api not available - Java VM is not JSR-82 compliant". (If the API could not be found, your phone is not JSR-82 compliant, and it will not work on this mobile device.)
  • "Bluetooth api available, but not allowed by Operator". (Some phones are crippled by the network operator (typically Cingular/AT&T - we have had no feedback on Verizon devices yet), this is one of them, and it will NOT work on this mobile device. We are currently in negotiations with Cingular/AT&T to get the application signed which in theory should make it work ;-)

Please also see the FAQ on Network Operator Crippled phones (specifically in the USA):