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What functionality do you have on these systems?

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  • Read Diagnostic Fault Codes
    • This shows the Fault codes and text descriptions of the faults stored on the Electronic Control Unit.
  • Shows ECU information
    • See hardware and software versions, manufacturing dates, and other manufacturer related data.
  • Clear Diagnostic Fault Codes
    • Enables you to erase fault codes once the problem has been fixed.
  • Show Real-time data (Live data)
    • this is available on all Engine ECU's and many other ones, and shows the input, output and sensor data to the specific ECU.
  • Service & Maintenance functionality
    • we are increasing the coverage of this functionality as we go along...  This includes resetting of Service Reminders, Idle Actuator Calibrations, Locking of Idle Actuators for Throttle Body SynchronizationAdaptation Resets etc. 


Please check out the Function-Chart

for more details...