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What will the process be when submitting a trade-in enquiry directly to HEX?

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Use the “GS-911 Downloader Utility” to determine if your old GS-911 is eligible for the trade-in program, and to generate a trade-in enquiry, as explained in this FAQ.

Once you click the [submit enquiry to HEX] button, a confirmation email will be sent to you. This email will include the delivery address, to which you have to ship the old GS-911 interface. Remember to include a paper copy of the trade-in request summary email in the shipment. If you do not receive the email, please check your SPAM folder before contacting us.

IMPORTANT: You are responsible to ensure that the old GS-911 is delivered to the appropriate address. Use a reputable and traceable shipping method.

Once your old GS-911 is received by Hex, we will provide you with a Hex Innovate Online shop coupon code for the applicable discount, according to your trade in request.

This coupon code is valid for 6 months and can only be used once, for the specific type of GS-911 Wifi you selected to purchase when submitting your trade-in request. i.e. if you requested a trade-in for an Enthusiast interface, it can’t be used on a Professional interface, and vice versa

For the trade-in program, “direct to HEX” orders will be fulfilled either from our UK based warehouse, or our South African based warehouse, thus cross border shipping, duties and taxes will apply, which are for your account.

Once you receive your new GS-911 WiFi interface, you will have to register it, see this related HOWTO.