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Whats the difference between the PC App and the Wifi Utility?

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The major difference between the PC Application and the Wifi Utility is that the PC App is used primarily for performing diagnostics and the Wifi Utility is used primarily to configure the GS911 device.

The PC application only works on a Windows based platform. This can be a laptop, desktop, or even a Windows virtual machine. All emergency and service-level functionality is built into the PC application, which means no internet connectivity is required when performing these actions.

The WiFi utility is supported on Mac and Windows and can be used to configure the Wifi connection, update the firmware, and to locate the GS911 device on a network in order to establish a browser based connection. For emergency functionality the WiFi utility uses the built in web browser of the GS911 device, but it utilizes our cloud server to perform service functions on the bike. This means that when using the WiFi utility for service functions, a stable internet connection is required, either though a router connected to the internet or a mobile hotspot.

Both the PC Application and the web front-end used through the Wifi Utility thus provide the ability to capture real-time data, read and clear fault codes, perform service functionality and send us logs. Both WiFi and USB cable can be used on both applications to connect to the GS-911wifi interface.

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