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When will you

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When will you release that product or this functionality or that version ?

We've learnt the hard way not to make these predictions... even the best guesstimate inevitable comes back to haunt you... We are a small company hellbent on providing great products at the most affordable prices... and because of the nature of our products, and the large number of uncertainties related to reverse engineering, there just aren't any rules that will allow us to make accurate assessments of how long a lot of what we do, will take...

All announcements regarding releases will be made on the Announce list or the GS-911 forum - you can find them here : Support Forum

We just cannot answer release questions from each and every customer separately... and we do not commit to any time frames - this places unnecessary and unwanted strain on our small team... if it's not on the roadmap page yet, then we don't want to discuss it yet...

And if it is on the roadmap , please don't ask us when it will be released... It will be available when it's ready... ;-)

You are welcome to make suggestions - but they will be noted as suggestions only...