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Where do I get support?

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Before you ask a question...

Make sure you have exhausted your efforts in finding the answer... You do this by:

  • making sure you have read the F.A.Q. section thoroughly
  • reading through the TECHinfo section
  • searched the website (there is a nice search facility in the top right-hand corner)


Asking for help...

This depends on what type of support.  We split this into 2 categories:

  • Support for the GS-911 product : First your Distributor, then our HELP Desk (i.e. Login issues, or there is something wrong with the GS-911 interface, you want to report a bug, ask a question regarding the GS-911 Device or its software)
  • Support for general repair procedures : the GS-911 Google Discussion Forum (i.e. motorcycle related fault codes, fault finding and repair thereof). Please ALWAYS supply and AutoScan!


When asking a question - Provide as much information as possible!!

Please pay attention to detail... this saves time and allows us to make good and accurate deductions... Remember, we cant see what you are seeing... ;-)

When it is GS-911 related (typically to our Help Desk) pls provide (in English):

  • A clear description of the fault/error/issue (copy-paste or a screen shot work best!), exact quotes or errors or warnings
  • The EXACT version of GS-911 (can be found on the About screen)
  • your interface serial# (can be found on the About screen)
  • your interface Firmware version (can be found on the About screen)
  • the Operating system this is being used on (if PC, include the exact version including Service packs) or type of mobile device is one of the mobile version are used
  • PC type, RAM and any other relevant information
  • Type of anti-virus application(s) ...frequently the root of all evil, in performance and communication issues etc..
  • Can you connect to the GS-911 interface (Tools->Setup->[Test interface], for PC or Options->Test from mobiles)
  • Can you connect to other control modules?
  • a picture paints a thousand words - Screen captures are preferred!...
    • Hint: Alt-PrtScrn takes a snapshot to clipboard of your current window. Paste it into Paint (Programs->Accessories), and save it as a .jpg or .png before sending it on to us...


When posting a fault code, pls COPY-PASTE the COMPLETE fault-code as the GS-911 shows it

This includes:

  • the number
  • the complete text description
  • the status

Also add:

  • the type and model of the motorcycle in question,
  • the year model etc, and
  • if possible the Complete VIN, or at least the first 10 digits! (only the last 7 identify your motorcycle uniquely, if you're worried about privacy).
  • Another good practice would be to copy-paste the COMPLETE ECUinfo for that model...


Better yet... include a copy of the latest AutoScan! 

Now only can we try an help you!