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Why have the prices increased?

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GS-911 was introduced and offered as an Emergency Diagnostic Tool, with the intent of reading and clearing fault codes etc.  However, with it's growing popularity the need arose to offer more than just an Emergency Tool, and early in 2009 the GS-911 Enthusiast version with Service and Maintenance functionality was launched. 

This Enthusiast version retails for US$349 for the GS-911blu and US$299 for the GS-911usb respectively and those prices has not changed since.

The primary reason for product price adaptations were to allow a 2nd tier of distribution - you will have seen GS-911 stocked by many of your favourite Accessory suppliers (and if they don't yet stock it as an off-the-shelf product, ask them why not...)

The secondary reason was to recoup the long development times taken to shape the GS-911 Emergency Tool into the GS-911 Diagnostic Tool that now supports service functionality. (In short: by keeping ourselves supported, we keep producing more and better functionality for GS-911). 

See the Compare versions page for a detailed breakdown of the functionality and pricing.