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Why will my GS-911 not read any of the ECUs ?

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The GS-911 is not getting any response from the ECU(s).  This could be because of several reasons.

1. that you are NOT choosing the right model.
2. if you have chosen the correct model and you still don't get a response, then there are one of two problems...

  • the diagnostic connection between the connector and the engine controller is severed (highly unlikely, but possible), or
  • the ECU is not powered or not in a condition able to reply (more likely)

Reasons for the latter could be:

  • Immobilizer/Alarm still engaged,
  • kill switch NOT in the RUN position,
  • Ignition NOT ON
  • Neutral NOT selected.

The best way to check this would be to have the bike in Neutral, and start it... while it's idling connect GS-911 and connect to the Engine controller - If you can connect, then you've had one of the issues in (2) above... if you can't then you have a wiring problem.