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Will the K1600 ever be supported?

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The GS-911wifi device supports the new K001 series bikes.

Note: This FAQ is kept here for historical purposes.

Yes, however not with GS-911blu and GS-911usb.

The Gs911wifi also supports the new R1200 Wethead.

The 3rd Generation Diagnostics of BMW is significantly different from what all the models have had in the past.  Their new generation, starting with the K48 (K1600GT/GTL) and followed up by the K50 (R1200GS aka wethead) is NOT backward compatible, and uses completely different physical layer (physical signals, protocols and pinouts) for its diagnostics. 

Generations of Diagnostic tools for BMW Motorrad:

  • Generation 1: MoDiTeC (1997-2003)
  • Generation 2: GT1/Komet (2004-2010)
  • Generation 3: MOSS/ISTA (2011+)


The motorcycles with Generation 3 Diagnostics will require a new generation of GS-911...  Our next generation is something that we've been developing behind the scenes for quite some time (however no fixed ETA available yet, as there is still a mountain of work to do on the new protocols!)

Update: Q2 2014: The GS-911wifi has been released.  It supports ALL BMW models with the round 10-pin connector, including the K001-chassis types like the K1600GT/GTL/Exclusive as well as the R1200 LC (wetheads/waterboxers) like the R1200GS LC, R1200GS Adv LC and R1200RT, etc.

Update: Q1 2013: And the fun begins!!! have a look at the sneak peek of the New Generation in action...  A short teaser on the new GS-911 that will support the new generation of motorcycles too.

Update: Q2 2012: Nine months after the order, we are about to receive our K1600GT ...Super-excited! ...Let the fun begin!!!