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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. General GS-911 FAQs
  2. Bike Support FAQs
  3. PC-based FAQs
  4. WiFi FAQs
  5. Mobile-based FAQs
  6. Ordering, Shipping & Pricing FAQs

General GS-911 FAQs

What does GS-911 do?

What is it?

GS-911 is a unique software and hardware combination that allows the BMW enthusiast the ability to communicate with the control modules in a safe and controlled manner. In the true spirit of adventure associated with these motorcycles, the tool is available with both WiFi and USB interfaces, allowing you to use it wherever adventure may take you.

It has all the advanced features to do most of your maintenance, from advanced Service functions on the Engine controllers, bleeding of the ABS units, to resetting Service Reminders.

What is it not?

It is not a mechanic. It does not automagically fix the problem - it still requires human intervention. Please don't expect the device to teach you to become a master technician.

The GS-911 is a tool, not an online service manual.  We can not possibly document every function and procedure you can do with it for every year and model of BMW motorcycle that GS-911 can be used with.

What else do I need?

A good repair manual. There are good 3rd party manuals with good literature on the BMW bike models and most dealerships sell model specific Technical Repair DVDs. In addition, there are great technical DVDs by Jim von Baden that are available through our online store, directly from Jim and through most of our distributors.

Please Note: This material is copyrighted. If you have questions or need to enhance your knowledge, please use our forum as a start - there are many people that are a lot more knowledgeable than us.

What systems does it work on?

Please see the Function Chart.

What functionality do you have on these systems?

  • Read Diagnostic Fault Codes
    • This shows the Fault codes and text descriptions of the faults stored on the Electronic Control Unit.
  • Shows ECU information
    • See hardware and software versions, manufacturing dates, and other manufacturer related data.
  • Clear Diagnostic Fault Codes
    • Enables you to erase fault codes once the problem has been fixed.
  • Show Real-time data (Live data)
    • this is available on all Engine ECU's and many other ones, and shows the input, output and sensor data to the specific ECU.
  • Service & Maintenance functionality
    • we are increasing the coverage of this functionality as we go along...  This includes resetting of Service Reminders, Idle Actuator Calibrations, Locking of Idle Actuators for Throttle Body SynchronizationAdaptation Resets etc. 


Please check out the Function-Chart

for more details...

Why is it called "GS-911" ?

Quite simple, it started out as an Emergency Diagnostic tool for the GS-range of motorcycles. Now we cover almost all of the models that are equipped with Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI).

How do I connect the GS-911 interface to my motorcycle?

Follow the easy steps on the illustration in the How-To section... A picture speaks a thousand words...

What if a performance chip is used, will the GS-911 give a false reading?

Chipped bikes are always difficult to predict.. however, if it is a quality chip, then all should work well..
I have the BB Power chip in my 1150GS... and the GS-911 works great.. completely like it should !

Piggy-back devices, such as Techlusion or PowerCommander however, change the Injection (and/or timing) signal after the ECU, i.e. without the ECU knowing about it... thus, if you have a real-time value reading of Injection time of 2.50ms, but you are running a PowerCommander that adds nother 10% at that rpm/TPS operating point, then your real-time value that you will read from the ECU will still show 2.50ms, while the actual injection pulse will be 2.75ms (because of the addition of the 10% (0.25ms) of the PowerCommander).

What do the different colors of the LED mean?

The LED is a status indicator - there to help you... This is a very helpful little function, because you could be battling for hours trying to figure out why you can't get any communication with a controller on the bike, and in the meantime your comms line is shorted thus preventing any comms...

  • Green : your GS-911 interface is powered up and all is good
  • Blue : Bluetooth of course - the LED will be blue when it is communicating over Bluetooth
  • Orange/Yellow : if you're getting this while the Firmware is updating - don't worry... that's what its supposed to do! Any other time :- hit the [Test interface] button, as your interface requires a Firmware update.
  • Flashing Red : once you plug the device into the diagnostic plug on your motorcycle, and it flashes red, switch the ignition ON and see whether it turns green - some controllers seem to take the K-line (comms line) low, when the ignition is OFF - if it turns green when you switch ignition ON, don't fuss... If it still flashed red with ignition ON, you have a shorted K-line... typically a wiring problem, but could also be a controller problem. Now go to the Setup window and press [Test Interface] this will tell you which K-line and whether it's shorted to Battery Positive or Ground.
  • Permanent Red : A Fatal Hardware malfunction occurred, please contact the HelpDesk.
  • Alternating Red/Green flashing : This flashes when there is communication between the GS-911 interface and the motorcycle, and you are connected using the USB port.
  • Alternating Red/Blue flashing : This flashes when there is communication between the GS-911 interface and the motorcycle, and you are connected using Bluetooth communication.

Why will my GS-911 not read any of the ECUs ?

I have connected my GS-911 to the motorcycle correctly, but it will not read anything from the ECU's. All I get is the Battery voltage. I have tried it on other motorcycles, and it works fine. What am I doing wrong?

The GS-911 is not getting any response from the ECU(s).  This could be because of several reasons.

1. that you are NOT choosing the right model.
2. if you have chosen the correct model and you still don't get a response, then there are one of two problems...

  • the diagnostic connection between the connector and the engine controller is severed (highly unlikely, but possible), or
  • the ECU is not powered or not in a condition able to reply (more likely)

Reasons for the latter could be:

  • Immobilizer/Alarm still engaged,
  • kill switch NOT in the RUN position,
  • Ignition NOT ON
  • Neutral NOT selected.

The best way to check this would be to have the bike in Neutral, and start it... while it's idling connect GS-911 and connect to the Engine controller - If you can connect, then you've had one of the issues in (2) above... if you can't then you have a wiring problem.

Can the GS-911 functionality be upgraded?

As those new functions are developed, will they be available with only a client software update or will the GS-911 firmware require upgrading? If firmware, can this be done in the field or must it be returned to you?

Functionality is upgraded by downloading and installing the latest client software.  If a firmware update on the GS-911 device is required, this will be done automatically once you have the GS-911 device plugged in and run the updated GS-911 Windows software.  Thus it is completely field updateable and does NOT have to be returned to us (or our resellers) for firmware updates etc.

How does your Release Cycle work?

Our release cycle works as follows:

The GS-911 PC English version is the main version and we aim to update it every 2 months. Once the English version is updated, the translations of the PC version are initiated - thus translated versions may be behind in the functionality of the English version.

The Mobile software will be updated as needed and where possible - but in general the update cycle is slower.

Help, I forgot my Login details!

how do I get a login and password to the website? Do I need a login? Why is there a login on the website?

Update 2010: You NO LONGER require a username/password!

...see the related F.A.Q.: "What does the GS-911 downloader do?"

As of this update, GS-911 users do NOT need to login to the website at all... just go to the Downloads page and follow the instructions.

What do all those Acronyms mean?

As in every field there is a learning curve.  Some of the common acronyms are listed here.

Can GS-911 reset service reminders?

Yes it can! - as of the 904 release version (that means April 2009)! This is available on ALL models that support Service Reminders (as of factory build September 2007).

To view and reset Service Reminders:

  1. Select your model Series (e.g. F-Series)
  2. select your model (e.g. F800GS)
  3. select "Special Functions" (on the same panel where all Control Modules are listed)
  4. select "Service reminder"

...the rest is pretty easy... child's play! ;-)


Here you see the Service Reminder screen... it shows current detail, such as Odometer reading, Motorcycle date, and Service Due date & mileage.


2 Buttons...

  • one that resets the Service Reminder with default values (one year from today AND 10,000km/6,000mi from current Odometer reading.
  • another that allows you to choose your own custom date as well as custom mileage (for advanced users ;-) )



Which GS-911 software to use

To eliminate confusion about which software to download and use on what platform, here is the software platform compatibility guide.

There are several software applications for GS-911, each specific to a particular platform, namely:

  • The GS-911 Windows PC Application
    • This is the standard software component of the GS-911 Diagnostic Tool
    • can be used with all our hardware diagnostic interfaces
    • only works on Windows PCs or in Windows virtual environments
    • downloaded from this web site using the GS-911 Downloader utility
    • see the minimum PC requirements.
  • The GS-911 Wifi Utility software
    • lets you register, configure, update and identify your GS-911wifi interface
    • is compatible with Windows or Mac
    • lets you launch any HTML5 web browser - if you have a GS-911wifi interface and WiFi capability, you can perform the same functions as with the Windows PC software by using a compatible web browser.
  • The GS-911wifi mobile app
    • lets you easily locate and operate your GS-911wifi interface on a WiFi network
    • works from your iOS or Android device
  • The older GS-911 Bluetooth software
    • provides only emergency diagnostic functions
    • The GS-911 Android Software  - if you have a GS-911 Bluetooth interface - for all Android devices that run Android OS. See FAQ "does it run on my Android?"
    • The GS-911 BlackBerry version - if you have a GS-911 Bluetooth interface - for all BlackBerry phones (except Z10 and other QNX based phones - use the Android version - please see: Will it run on my BlackBerry? )
    • The GS-911Mobile.jar version  - if you have a GS-911 Bluetooth interface -  for all Java midlet enabled (and JSR-82 compliant) mobile phones, like Nokia, Motorola, Samsung etc). Also for the new BlackBerries that are JSR-82 compliant (running software 4.2.1 or newer)
    • The GS911Verifier - for use ONLY on the Java midlet enabled mobile phones, to test whether your device is capable of running the GS911Mobile.jar version. See related FAQ "What does the GS911Verifier do?".


So let's summarize this in a table by platform:


Desktop/Laptop versions:

Operating system
GS-911 version
Windows 10 Win8logo32.png Use the Windows PC version. Supports 32bit & 64bit versions
Windows 8 Win8logo32.png Use the Windows PC version. Supports 32bit & 64bit versions
Windows 7 Win7logo32.png Use the Windows PC version. Supports 32bit & 64bit versions
Windows Vista winvistalogo.jpg

Use the Windows PC version. Supports 32bit & 64bit versions

Windows Vista is no longer officially supported.

Windows XP winxplogo.jpg

Use the Windows PC version. Supports 32bit & 64bit versions

Windows XP is no longer officially supported.

MAC OS X  not available

No native version planned.

Use the Windows PC version under Parallels, Fusion or VirtualBox ( see related FAQ)


launch the GS-911wifi web interface from the GS-911wifi Utility.

Linux  not available

No native version planned.

Use the Windows PC version under VirtualBox


use the GS-911wifi web interface.

All other PC OS flavors  not available

No native versions planned.

Use the GS-911wifi web interface.


Mobile (phone & tablet) versions for the GS-911wifi interfaces:

GS-911 version
Android version android_logo_32.png Use the GS-911wifi Android application - requires Android 2.X or higher.
iPhone ios32.png Use the GS-911wifi iOS application. See related FAQ
Other mobile platforms no native app available Use any HTML5 web browser. See related details


Mobile (phone & PDA) versions for the GS-911 Bluetooth interfaces:

see the "how-will-i-know-whether-it-will-work-on-my-mobile-phone" FAQ

GS-911 version
Android version android_logo_32.png Use the Android application - requires Android 2.X or higher. See FAQ "does it run on my Android?" for Known Issues.
BlackBerry bblogo.jpg Use the BlackBerry application (except Z10 and other ONX based BB's - please see: Will it work on my BlackBerry?
ALL Java midlet capable and JSR-82 compliant mobile devices gs911logo.jpg Use the GS-911Mobile version. For use with your typical Nokia, Sony-Ericsson, Samsung, Motorola etc. as well as the newer BlackBerry devices (running software 4.2.1 or newer). Your device has to be JSR-82 compliant (test compliance with the GS911Verifier.jar - See more info on GS911Verifier above.)
Windows Phone not available see related FAQ
iPhone not available see related FAQ

Download your software from the Downloads page... using the GS-911 Downloader.

How do the Professional and Enthusiast versions differ?

Starting in 2009, we are adding Service & Maintenance functionality to GS-911. Along with this we are differentiating between a GS-911 Enthusiast version and a GS-911 Professional version.

The only limitation that the Enthusiast version has is that the Service Functionality is limited to 10 motorcycles - this is done using each motorcycles unique VIN.  This DOES NOT apply to the pre-2009 "Emergency functionality" (Reading ECU info, reading and clearing Fault codes and real-time values). These, you can run on as many motorcycles as you wish.. without the VIN limitation coming into play at all - We don't want to prevent you from helping your stranded buddy at the roadside...

The Enthusiast/Professional differences only affect the PC/Laptop and Wifi software, as the Service & Maintenance functionality is added ONLY to the PC/Laptop and Wifi software (i.e. the Mobile(Bluetooth) software will remain an "Emergency Diagnostic Tool" with the current reading of ECU information, the reading and clearing of Fault codes and Real-time values) and thus remain status quo ( and if that was not clear enough yet.. There is NO VIN LIMIT on the Emergency functionality, hence you can use it on a gazillion motorcycles... ;-) )

For more information on the VIN limitiation, pls see the VINlimit page. 

Also see related FAQ: "Can I delete a VIN entry from my VIN list?"

And for upgrade options (from Enthusiast to Professional version), pls see the FAQ: How do I upgrade to the Professional version?

Help me select the right GS-911

Here is a helpful diagram to help you select the GS-911 that will suit your needs.

All GS-911 Enthusiast versions can easily be upgraded to Professional versions excluding the GS-911usb Generation 2 which is not upgradeable to a Professional version read more.

Compare the different GS-911 versions




How do the Professional and Enthusiast versions differ? ...see the related F.A.Q.

When will you

When will you release that product or this functionality or that version ?

We've learnt the hard way not to make these predictions... even the best guesstimate inevitable comes back to haunt you... We are a small company hellbent on providing great products at the most affordable prices... and because of the nature of our products, and the large number of uncertainties related to reverse engineering, there just aren't any rules that will allow us to make accurate assessments of how long a lot of what we do, will take...

All announcements regarding releases will be made on the Announce list or the GS-911 forum - you can find them here : Support Forum

We just cannot answer release questions from each and every customer separately... and we do not commit to any time frames - this places unnecessary and unwanted strain on our small team... if it's not on the roadmap page yet, then we don't want to discuss it yet...

And if it is on the roadmap , please don't ask us when it will be released... It will be available when it's ready... ;-)

You are welcome to make suggestions - but they will be noted as suggestions only...

Do you have a Known Issues page?

Indeed we do, you can find it linked from the downloads page, or click here.

How do I import and view the CSV realtime data

You can import the .CSV file in Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice Calc (opensource free download from or similar application.

If Excel opens the file with the whole data line in one cell, then you need to modify the "List Separator" to be a semicolon ";" under the Regional settings of your Windows Operating system.

There is a description on "How to import an view the CSV realtime data" in the How-To section.

Can GS-911 flash my ECU?

GS-911 does not support flashing of ECUs.

Flashing (reprogramming) of ECUs is done for two reasons,

  1. to remap the Fueling map(s) (and or Timing etc. - read: performance tuning) and,
  2. to update the firmware of the ECU (bugfixes, enhancements etc.)

We know there are a lot of people that would like to change the mapping as many of the stock motorcycles run pretty lean (probably for good emissions and fuel consumption), however this is risky business if you don't understand the system fully AND don't EXACTLY know what you're doing... Incorrectly remapping could cause serious or permanent damage to the engine, or turn your ECU into a pretty paperweight... The newer ECUs also have a limit on the amount of times they can be reprogrammed (13 if memory serves me correctly). Hence we leave this to BMW.

How do I upgrade to the Professional version?

An Enthusiast version of the GS-911wifi, GS-911usb Generation 1 and GS-911blu can be upgraded to a Professional version at any time! This has been available from v904. This is done by clicking on the "Upgrade" button in the About screen of any current GS-911 PC version of version (currently v1408 or newer!).  How do the Professional and Enthusiast versions differ?

As the Enthusiast version makes provision for full Service and Maintenance functionality on up to 10 motorcycles (see the VINlimit page), we foresee very few enthusiasts having the need to upgrade to the professional version. However, if you would like to do so, the upgrade pricing is shown in the table below:

Upgrade price for
GS-911usb Gen 1 & GS-911blu

US$ 220 Online upgrades are done by following prompts from the About screen within your GS-911 PC application!*
Upgrade price for GS-911wifi US$ 350 Online upgrades are done by following prompts from the About screen within your GS-911 PC application!*

 * requires internet access and your GS-911 interface connected to your PC/Laptop


Enthusiast version users that want to upgrade to the Professional version, should do the following:

  1. Make sure you are running a version of GS-911 Windows PC application of v1408 or newer.
  2. click on the [Upgrade to Professional version] button, in the Help->About dialog of the GS-911 application.
  3. Follow the prompts - this will open a page in your web browser and take you through the online payment section
  4. Once payment has been completed, you will be asked to click on the [Upgrade to Professional version] button in the Help->About dialog again... this will connect to the server, see that you have paid and upgrade your GS-911 interface to a Professional one!



What is a Beta version?

A "beta version" is the first version released outside the organization or community that develops the software, for the purpose of evaluation or real-world testing. The process of delivering a beta version to the users is called beta release. Beta level software generally includes all features, but may also include known issues and bugs of a less serious variety.

Read more on the GS-911 Release cycle in the FAQ: "How does your Release Cycle work?".

We only provide Beta versions to Beta testers - if you are not a Beta tester please use the latest Release version.

For a more detailed description on software release cycles in general and Beta releases in particular, please see the Wikipedia definition.

How do I view my logged data?

In 2009 we added the ability to log real-time data.  As the GS-911 Interface itself does not have any flash memory to save logged data, the real-time data is saved on the host device (PC or mobile device). As a result, the capacity is dependent on how much free space there is on your host device (especially keep this in mind with older phones and mobile devices!).

The PC version logs the data to a .CSV file (semicolon ";" separated) - see the "How-do-i-import-and-view-the-csv-realtime-data" FAQ on how to view the .CSV data.

The Mobile versions have the ability to upload the logged data to our server.  This functionality is still in testing, hence there is no direct link to logbook application... Once you have uploaded the data from your mobile device, it will show you the URL to the logbook application:

Any feedback would be appreciated!

Where do I get support?

Before you ask a question...

Make sure you have exhausted your efforts in finding the answer... You do this by:

  • making sure you have read the F.A.Q. section thoroughly
  • reading through the TECHinfo section
  • searched the website (there is a nice search facility in the top right-hand corner)


Asking for help...

This depends on what type of support.  We split this into 2 categories:

  • Support for the GS-911 product : First your Distributor, then our HELP Desk (i.e. Login issues, or there is something wrong with the GS-911 interface, you want to report a bug, ask a question regarding the GS-911 Device or its software)
  • Support for general repair procedures : the GS-911 Google Discussion Forum (i.e. motorcycle related fault codes, fault finding and repair thereof). Please ALWAYS supply and AutoScan!


When asking a question - Provide as much information as possible!!

Please pay attention to detail... this saves time and allows us to make good and accurate deductions... Remember, we cant see what you are seeing... ;-)

When it is GS-911 related (typically to our Help Desk) pls provide (in English):

  • A clear description of the fault/error/issue (copy-paste or a screen shot work best!), exact quotes or errors or warnings
  • The EXACT version of GS-911 (can be found on the About screen)
  • your interface serial# (can be found on the About screen)
  • your interface Firmware version (can be found on the About screen)
  • the Operating system this is being used on (if PC, include the exact version including Service packs) or type of mobile device is one of the mobile version are used
  • PC type, RAM and any other relevant information
  • Type of anti-virus application(s) ...frequently the root of all evil, in performance and communication issues etc..
  • Can you connect to the GS-911 interface (Tools->Setup->[Test interface], for PC or Options->Test from mobiles)
  • Can you connect to other control modules?
  • a picture paints a thousand words - Screen captures are preferred!...
    • Hint: Alt-PrtScrn takes a snapshot to clipboard of your current window. Paste it into Paint (Programs->Accessories), and save it as a .jpg or .png before sending it on to us...


When posting a fault code, pls COPY-PASTE the COMPLETE fault-code as the GS-911 shows it

This includes:

  • the number
  • the complete text description
  • the status

Also add:

  • the type and model of the motorcycle in question,
  • the year model etc, and
  • if possible the Complete VIN, or at least the first 10 digits! (only the last 7 identify your motorcycle uniquely, if you're worried about privacy).
  • Another good practice would be to copy-paste the COMPLETE ECUinfo for that model...


Better yet... include a copy of the latest AutoScan! 

Now only can we try an help you!


Do I need to buy a translation?

No.  If you purchased your GS-911 from the distributor that is responsible for the translation, then you do not pay an additional fee for your translation.

Currently we support 6 languages - English, German, Spanish, French, Chinese, Dutch.  These translations are currently only available in the Windows PC version of GS-911 and the GS-911wifi mobile version.

The translations are done by the Tier1 distributors, and all their customers can download their respective translation at no additional cost.  These translations are available to anyone, however, if you are NOT a customer of the distributor that is responsible for that translation, then you will be charge a once-off fee of US$59.

Translations and Distributors:

LanguageDistributors with FREE translations
English ALL distributors

MFT - Milewski Fahrzeugtechnik GmbH (Germany & Austria)

Touratech AG (Global)

Kaufmann Automotive GmbH (Switzerland)

Wunderlich GmbH (Global)

Spanish Motorvista (Spain)
French OBD AUTO (France) 
Chinese DianLvZi HeZuoShe (China)
Dutch Xantip bvba (Netherlands)


How do I download or purchase a translation?

With the translations we've introduced the GS-911 Downloader. You download this application from the Downloads page, connect your GS-911 interface and run the application. It will read the license off your GS-911 interface and determine what software versions and languages are currently available for your device (internet access required - the GS-911 Downloader connects to our server to determine what software is available).  If you do not have download rights to a specific translation, it will have a purchase button alongside it. If you click the purchase button, it will guide you through the online purchasing process, update your license and then you will have the necessary rights to download that specific translation.

Example: You want the Spanish translation.

  • If you purchased your GS-911 from the Spanish Distributor, then you will automatically be able to download the Spanish translation without any additional cost.
  • If you purchased your GS-911 from anyone else (not the Spanish Distributor), then you will see a "Click button to buy this additional translations" at a cost of US$59. See the picture below.  You can also see that this interface was purchased from the US distributor, Beemershop. Once you click the button, you will be guided through the online purchasing process. Once completed, if you run the GS-911 Downloader again, this translation will have a link for downloading it.



Will you consider any other translations?

We are currently considering Italian as a further translation - all other remaining languages are too small within the BMW market.


NOTE: we are currently working on a way for customers to purchase translations using only the Browser interface of the GS-911wifi device (this will make it possible to purchase a translation without the need of running the GS-911downloader on a Windows PC).

Can I transfer my Professional license to another interface?

The Professional license is saved in your GS-911 interface and is locked to that specific interface.  It works for that interface and that interface alone, and thus cannot be "transferred" onto a new or replacement device.

Compare GS-911 versions to see which one suits your needs best.

Please also see the FAQ: "How do the Enthusiast and Professional versions differ?"

Can I delete a VIN entry from my VIN list?

The Enthusiast version limits the Service & Maintenance functionality to 10 VIN numbers.  See VINlimit and "How do the Enthusiast and Professional versions differ".

The VIN numbers entered into your VIN-table or VIN-list of your GS-911 interface, are one-time-writable and CANNOT be removed. Our opinion is that once an Enthusiast owns or has owned 10 BMW motorcycles, he/she can afford the upgrade to a Professional version. See FAQ "How do I upgrade to the Professional version?".

How do I register my GS-911 interface?

In order for your warranty to be valid, and to prove you have a genuine GS-911 product, your GS-911 has to be registered.  This is a simple once-off procedure, requiring your name and email address.  Once you've entered your email address, a confirmation email will be sent that contains a link that you have to click on, to complete the process...

The preferred way to do this, is to use the GS-911downloader, please see the related FAQ: What does the GS-911downloader do? 

Alternatively, for the GS911 Wifi you can complete the registration using the wifi utility or the web interface.

I cannot log in

Regular users have no need to log into the website. This is reserved for Distributors only.

If you received any notification or documentation from a reseller instructing you to log into the website, pls let us know.

You can download ALL the software using our  Windows PC-based utility - the GS-911downloader, in the downloads section. Read more on the GS-911downloader.

How do I update my registration details?

Using the GS-911 Downloader utility on a Windows PC:

Get the GS-911 Downloader utility from the downloads page. Launch the utility, connect your GS-911 interface to the PC's USB port and press the "Download Options" button on the Downloader window. This will open a web page in your web browser that shows the list of downloads for your device. That same page shows your current registration details and allows you to change them.


Using the GS-911wifi Utility on Windows OR Mac OS X:

If you own a GS-911wifi interface, get the GS-911wifi Utility from the downloads page. Launch the utility and connect your GS-911 interface to your computer's USB port. Wait for the utility to detect the GS-911 device, then press the "Device Registration" button. This will open a web page in your web browser that shows your current registration details and allows you to change them. Remember to close the browser and press 'OK' when done.

Using the GS-911wifi iOS or Android mobile app:

If you own a GS-911wifi interface, get the GS-911wifi mobile app if you do not have it yet (see the downloads page). Make sure your GS-911wifi interface is set to infrastructure mode and connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your iOS or Android device.  Launch the GS-911wifi app and select your GS-911wifi interface from the list. Go to the "About" menu, then "Registration" and select "Change registration info". This will open a web page in your web browser that shows your current registration details and allows you to change them. Press 'Return to device' when done.

Bike Support FAQs

What models does it cover?

The GS-911 tool was initially designed specifically with the GS range of BMW motorcycles in mind. This however quickly expanded to cover most of the current models that are electronically diagnosable. In 2015 we even added support for the Husqvarna motorcycle with BMW compatible controllers. New BMW models are also continuously being added as they are released.

Have a look at the Function Chart to see what the latest is on supported functionality per model.

Do you have a summary of the bike models and what functionality is supported?

Yes, have a look at Function-Model-Matrix (Function Chart.)

Will the R1100 series ever be supported?

Yes! As of 2011 we support the 3-pin models. For more information, please view the GS-911 3-pin interface product information page.


What about the R1100S?


The R1100S uses the same controllers as the R1150 motorcycles, and has the required round 10pin connector... and therefore works well with GS-911.

If I buy it for my R1200GS for instance, will it also work on another bike or model?


The thinking is to have a tool to help you! That includes your riding buddies, or those stranded along the roadside...

For a full list of the models that are serviceable by a specific product have a look out the Function Chart.

Will the R850 series ever be supported?

They already are!  The newer R850 series with the round 10-pin diagnostic connector has the MA2.4 engine controller with Integral ABS or ABS2 and works well with the standard GS-911 interfaces, while the older R850 models have the MA2.2 engine controller... which needs the 3-pin interface.

How do you tell them apart? Easy... have a look a the diagnostic connector... if it has the round 10-pin diagnostic connector it is a newer model... if it has the blue 3-pin diagnostic connector it is an older model that will only work with the 3-pin interface...

Will the K1100 series ever be supported?

Pls see the related FAQ "Will the R1100 ever be supported?"

Where do I find the diagnostic connector on my bike?

Will the K1600 ever be supported?


The GS-911wifi device supports the new K001 series bikes.

Note: This FAQ is kept here for historical purposes.

Yes, however not with GS-911blu and GS-911usb.

The Gs911wifi also supports the new R1200 Wethead.

The 3rd Generation Diagnostics of BMW is significantly different from what all the models have had in the past.  Their new generation, starting with the K48 (K1600GT/GTL) and followed up by the K50 (R1200GS aka wethead) is NOT backward compatible, and uses completely different physical layer (physical signals, protocols and pinouts) for its diagnostics. 

Generations of Diagnostic tools for BMW Motorrad:

  • Generation 1: MoDiTeC (1997-2003)
  • Generation 2: GT1/Komet (2004-2010)
  • Generation 3: MOSS/ISTA (2011+)


The motorcycles with Generation 3 Diagnostics will require a new generation of GS-911...  Our next generation is something that we've been developing behind the scenes for quite some time (however no fixed ETA available yet, as there is still a mountain of work to do on the new protocols!)

Update: Q2 2014: The GS-911wifi has been released.  It supports ALL BMW models with the round 10-pin connector, including the K001-chassis types like the K1600GT/GTL/Exclusive as well as the R1200 LC (wetheads/waterboxers) like the R1200GS LC, R1200GS Adv LC and R1200RT, etc.

Update: Q1 2013: And the fun begins!!! have a look at the sneak peek of the New Generation in action...  A short teaser on the new GS-911 that will support the new generation of motorcycles too.

Update: Q2 2012: Nine months after the order, we are about to receive our K1600GT ...Super-excited! ...Let the fun begin!!!

Will the new R1200 LC wethead be supported?

Please see the related FAQ on the K1600GT/K1600GTL as the new R1200 series has the same chassis configuration...

Why does the PC software say my GS-911 does not support my new bike model and I need to use the GS-911wifi?

Our first generation, yellow GS-911 USB and Bluetooth interfaces are not compatible with the newer K001 chassis or EURO4 BMW bike models. Unfortunately, BMW has changed the diagnostic connector and protocol for these newer bikes and this means that our older interfaces can never be compatible with them. You can read more about this in another FAQ page.

We would have preferred to just release a firmware update, but since hardware changes were required, we had to invest in developing the new GS-911wifi (with 10-pin/ OBD-II connector) and GS-911usb Generation 2 to support these bike models. We used this opportunity to create a hardware interface that can be used with more client platforms through a web browser user interface in addition to the existing GS-911 Windows PC application. At the time of writing this, the GS-911wifi (with 10-pin/ OBD-II connector) and GS-911usb Generation 2 are the only interfaces we offer that are compatible with the K001 bikes. You can see more information about which bike models are supported by our different interfaces on the function chart.

The GS-911 Windows PC software will give you a message, saying "This GS-911 interface does not support the selected bike model, please use the GS-911wifi interface" if you try to use an older yellow GS-911 interface with a newer bike model.

We are not able to provide upgrades or replacements for used devices, but many of our customers have sold their older yellow GS-911 interfaces second-hand to supplement the cost of a new GS-911wifi. If you no longer have a use for your older interface, you can consider doing the same.

My new bike has a square EURO4/OBD2/OBDII connector, not a round one!

Do you guys have an adaptor?

We now sell an adaptor that will make the 10 pin GS911wifi compatible with the new EURO4/EU4 bikes that have the 16 pin OBD connector. We have also recently launched the GS-911wifi with OBD-II connector and the GS-911usb Generation 2 with OBD-II connector. These new models can be attached to our new Female OBD Adaptor making them compatible with 10-pin connectors.

It is available from our online shop or from your nearest reseller.

This adaptor will not work on the older yellow GS911 interface as the older interface is not electrically compatible.


PC-based FAQs

Does it work on a Windows PC?

Yes, indeed.

 Please see the minimum PC requirements.

What are the PC requirements?

The minimum PC requirements are:

  • Desktop or Laptop
  • Windows 7 up to Windows 10
  • at least 50MB of disk space
  • an open USB port
  • both 32 bit and 64 bit OS versions are supported
  • the processor needs to support at least SSE2 instructions


The recommended minimum RAM for each OS type is as follows:

  • Windows 7 : 2GB
  • Windows 8 : 4GB
  • Windows 10 : 4GB


The following Windows versions are no longer supported, and the latest version of the GS-911 software is not guaranteed to funciton normally on any of them:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista


What about Windows Vista and XP?

Windows Vista and Windows XP are no longer officially supported by the GS-911 software. Have a look at the minimum PC requirements.

Does it run on my Apple MAC?

No, and Yes... It does not run on the Mac OS, but what several of our clients have done, with Intel-based MAC's, is to run Boot Camp, and install Windows XP as a Dual-Boot option more on Boot Camp

And if you're not in the mood to reboot every time you want to use Windows XP, we have several clients running GS-911 on some of the following Virtual Machines(VMs):

  • Parallels Desktop for MAC more on Parallels
  • VMware Fusion more on VMware Fusion
  • Oracle VirtualBox ... more on virtualbox
  • However, as the application is written for Microsoft Windows, we cannot guarantee its functioning as this is dependent on the Virtual Machine (VM) and several other factors. If you are having trouble and are running GS-911 under a VM, then you should seek help from the many forums that discuss and support the VM's...

    Why does my anti-virus program tell me there is a virus in your Windows software?

    Some anti-virus packages (like AntiVir, Avira, McAffee etc.) flag the GS-911 software as containing a virus or trojan. Contrary to what we all would like to believe, anti-virus software is never perfect and it must be understood that they all use best-effort methods to detect malicious software. A few of these anti-virus packages are designed to be over-eager and have a higher chance of false positive detections, which is very likely the case for warnings about GS-911 software that you download directly from our web site. This often happens to smaller vendors like us who produce specialist software that are not used by millions of people. The manufacturers of these anti-virus packages usually have a form on their web site where you can submit false positive detections for analysis. Unfortunately, there are so many different anti-virus vendors these days that it is impossible for us to submit our software to all of them for every new update we release. But you can help!

    It is always good to be cautious when seeing such warnings from your anti-virus software, but fortunately there are some tools and techniques available to help you feel confident that our software is safe to use:

    Download source

    Firstly, please always ensure that you download the GS-911 software tools only from our web site. We do not support GS-911 software that are downloaded from any other source, except for certain cases where we provide temporary downloads to resolve customer helpdesk tickets.

    Digital signatures

    We sign all our Windows executable files so that Windows can verify that nothing has tampered with the file. To check the signature, right-click the file in Windows Explorer and select Properties. Look on the Digital Signatures panel and double-click the HEX Microsystems entry if it exists. If Windows indicates that the digital signatures on our installer and application executable are valid (ie. signed by "HEX Microsystems (Pty) Ltd") then it is safe to use.

    On-line virus scanners

    In the modern age where everything is available on-line, you will easily find virus scanning web sites that can scan a single file with many different anti-virus packages. You can upload our software to these scanners for analysis and confirm that the popular anti-virus packages recognise our software as virus-free. One popular scanner is VirusTotal, and you can see results of recent scans for the GS-911 software and utilities from these links:

    GS-911 Windows PC application V2004.3 VirusTotal analysis
    GS-911 Downloader V1911.2 VirusTotal analysis
    GS-911wifi Utility for Windows V2009.2 VirusTotal analysis


    More details

    We've been doing our best to contact the AV providers, and submitting our application for analysis - thus far the only one that we have received an official response from has been Avira:

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    Thank you for your email to Avira's virus lab.
    Tracking number: INC00473516.

    A listing of files alongside their results can be found below:
    File ID      Filename     Size (Byte)     Result
    25629142      GS-911.exe      3.61 MB      FALSE POSITIVE

    Please find a detailed report concerning each individual sample below:
     Filename     Result
     GS-911.exe      FALSE POSITIVE

    The file 'GS-911.exe' has been determined to be 'FALSE POSITIVE'. In particular this means that this file is not malicious but a false alarm. Detection will be removed from our virus definition file (VDF) with one of the next updates.

    We ask that you as customer take this up with your AV provider... this is the only way they can improve their signatures and algorithms...  We would love to do this for you, but unfortunately we can't... if you read the dialog below... you'll understand...

    > Thank you for contacting McAfee Consumer Support. How can I help you?

    Customer: Hi - I would like to know where do I report an incorrect virus detection (false positive)

    Divya: Hi Kobus, this is Divya from McAfee Technical Support and I would be assisting you today.

    Divya: Kobus, to confirm, you need help to submit a sample to our research team. Is that correct?

    Customer: correct

    Divya: Not to worry, we will leverage all our resources to resolve this issue because your concern is our concern.

    Divya: Kobus, for verification purpose, may I have your home telephone number with area code first?

    Customer: +27<removed for publishing>

    Divya: May I know if you are contacting from the same computer, which has an issue?

    Customer: No, this is not the same computer

    Divya: May I know the Operating System of the computer which has the issue?

    Customer: Windows

    Customer: 3/28/2010 5:30:07 AM Engine version =5400.1158

                     3/28/2010 5:30:07 AM AntiVirus   DAT version =5931.0000

                     3/28/2010 5:30:07 AM Number of detection signatures in EXTRA.DAT =None

                     3/28/2010 5:30:07 AM Names of detection signatures in EXTRA.DAT  =None

                     3/28/2010 5:30:01 AM Scan Started CNSCHAM3019355\SYSTEM (managed) VirusScan 8.5 On Demand Scan(Full) - Workstation

                     3/28/2010 6:41:56 AM Deleted  SYSTEM c:\ProgramFiles\GS-911\GS-911.exe Artemis!722AFE1A00C3(Trojan)

    Customer: FYI

    Divya: May I know your e-mail address which is used to register with McAfee?

    Customer: I am not a McAffee client - this is on one of our customer's PC's. We are an ISV.

    Divya: May I have the e-mail address of your customer which is registered with McAfee account?

    Customer: <removed to protect customer> (I am not sure whether this was used for mcaffee registration)

    Divya: I am sorry, Kobus. I found no valid McAfee record for you. In order to assist you, we need a valid proof for your McAfee account. So could you please give me your alternate e-mail address?

    Customer: Please read my response - I stated clearly that I am not a McAfee client. How is this relevant to submitting a sample?

    Divya: I am really sorry, Kobus. In order to submit a sample, you need a valid McAfee account.

    Customer: May I please speak to your supervisor.


    There are many other excellent, free (for personal use) and commercial Anti-Virus programs.

    The drivers are not downloading to my laptop

    Downloaded the software from your site. Unfortunately the drivers are not downloading to my laptop. I've tried a few times installing and uninstalling, help!

    The drivers are already on your machine - they are bundled with the GS-911 software that you downloaded from our website. The packaging contained the most important instructions on how to install the software in the Quick-Start-Guide.

    How do I update or uninstall an incorrect USB driver?

    Use the Device Manager of Windows to do this.

    Here is the step-by-step HowTo.

    Can I use the PC application over bluetooth?

    Can I run the Windows PC software and connect to the GS-911 interface over Bluetooth, instead of through the USB cable?

    The GS-911 Windows PC software is intended to be used over a USB connection... the bluetooth is intended for the mobile applications only...

    however it is possible if you can configure your bluetooth correctly.

    Here are some points to keep in mind:

    1. You cannot update the firmware of the GS-911 interface over bluetooth - you have to be connected to the PC using a USB cable!
    2. You have to have your PC configured to use the Microsoft Bluetooth Stack! Other third party Bluetooth stacks are not supported.  As we have no idea what else you have installed on your PC, this is an exercise left to the you... Seriously, there are many different types of bluetooth hardware and drivers and it would be impossible for us to support all of them.

    Once your PC's bluetooth is using the Operating System's bluetooth stack, then you simply pair with your GS-911 unit (remember, if asked for a pin, it is four zero's "0000"), and set up a bluetooth serial port. There after you select the correct COM port in the Setup of GS-911.

    Once you can click the [Test] button and get the interface detail, your connection is working...

    How do I send you my debug log files?

    We might request you to send us a debug log file(s) at some point, to further analyze the data flow between GS-911 and your motorcycles ECU's.

    The debug log files help us to analyze application, communication and other issues.  These should NOT be confused with the real-time log files, which are CSV-style files of your ECU sensor real-time/live data!

    What do I need to do?

    • Under Tools->Send Logs, just decide whether you want to send "Today's logs" or "This week's logs" 
    • enter your email address - so we can contact you in case we have more questions
    • Add additional information, like the HelpDesk Ticket number or any other reference that we can connect to this set of log files.
    SendLogs.png     ThisWeeksLogs1.png


    What do we do with them?

    We use them to analyze the problem/issue you reported. Remember to attach a HelpDesk Ticket# or other reference...

    What is Motorcycle Backup data?

    We have had many requests from Owners and Shops alike, asking if we could backup their Motorcycle data.  Take the following scenarios:

    • A couple of months down the line, a Fault Code or two pop up and you would like to see whether they are the same as the ones you have previously had...
    • Your Bike went for a service and got a Software update - now you can compare your current Software versions to your previous ones...
    • Noting the date/time and mileage when a Service Reminder was reset, will give you a detailed Service history time-line.

    The data contains no personal information. If you would like to see what the data contains, do an AutoScan on your motorcycle. It is this ECU information and Fault Code data that is backed up.

    In future we plan to add a history of functions too. You would do an IAC (Idle Actuator Calibration) and the history data would note it and if the function was completed successfully or not. The same would go for an ABS Bleed test etc.

    I'm sure you can see the value of this for your maintenance records!


    If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact our support HelpDesk.

    The GS-911 Downloader does not find my GS-911usb/blu device on Windows 7/8/10


    Note: This only affects the GS-911usb Gen 1 and GS-911blu interfaces. It does not affect the GS-911usb Gen 2, GS-911wifi or GS-911 3-pin.



    We have been seeing a trend in customers who have newer Windows 10 machines getting a driver signature verification error when attempting to run the GS-911 Downloader software. While the GS-911 Downloader's driver is signed, the signature does not meet updated requirements from Microsoft, resulting in the error message. This only affects (1) new PCs/laptops that were sold with Windows 10 Anniversary edition (or newer) pre-installed, and (2) some older Windows PCs (eg. Windows 7) that are managed in a Windows domain with strict driver verification configured.


    Problem symptom

    When you first run the GS-91 Downloader application and are prompted to connect the device to the PC, a message is shown with the following information:

    Failed to communicate with the GS911 interface. Please check that the interface and USB cable is connected properly to a USB socket
    No USB device found

    To confirm that this is due to a driver verification mismatch, open the Windows Device Manager and navigate to Universal Serial Bus controllers. A yellow exclamation triangle next to the HEX Code USB or Bluetooth interface should be visible:


    Opening the HEX Code device's properties (right-click and select Properties) will display the following in the Device status box:



    We have released version 1805.3 of the GS-911 Downloader utility that will install certified USB drivers that are fully compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10. See the related announcement.

    Note that the current GS-911 PC application version 1711.3 does not include these drivers yet, so for customers installing the software for the first time on a PC, it will uninstall the new certified drivers. If this happens, the GS-911 Downloader can simply be launched again to reinstall the certified drivers.


    Previous work-around

    There are numerous guides on the internet detailing exactly how to turn off the driver signature verification in Windows, for example this one: (Method 1 seems to work for most users. Method 2 may be easier to follow, but is not permanent)

    For older Windows versions on a domain that exhibit this problem, the work-around is different, because the domain administrator may not want to relax the driver signature verification settings.

    If the PC must remain on the domain (eg. a company PC):

    • Use the GS-911 Downloader on another PC to download the GS-911 software installer and copy it to the desired PC where you want to install it. The driver problem may still occur with the GS-911 software too, though.

    If the PC is not actively being used on a domain:

    • Remove the PC from the domain manually
      1. Navigate to Control Panel -> System and Security -> System -> Advanced system settings -> Computer Name
      2. Press the "Change..." button ("to rename this computer")
      3. Change the membership from "Domain" to "Workgroup". Choose any workgroup name that works for you (eg. "HOME").
      4. Press OK and restart the PC as prompted.
      5. After leaving the domain, it is likely needed to follow the same steps to disable driver signature verification as explained above, before you can run the GS-911 software successfully.


    Whats the difference between the PC App and the Wifi Utility?

    Whats the difference between the PC App and the Wifi Utility?

    The major difference between the PC Application and the Wifi Utility is that the PC App is used primarily for performing diagnostics and the Wifi Utility is used primarily to configure the GS911 device.

    The PC application only works on a Windows based platform. This can be a laptop, desktop, or even a Windows virtual machine. All emergency and service-level functionality is built into the PC application, which means no internet connectivity is required when performing these actions.

    The WiFi utility is supported on Mac and Windows and can be used to configure the Wifi connection, update the firmware, and to locate the GS911 device on a network in order to establish a browser based connection. For emergency functionality the WiFi utility uses the built in web browser of the GS911 device, but it utilizes our cloud server to perform service functions on the bike. This means that when using the WiFi utility for service functions, a stable internet connection is required, either though a router connected to the internet or a mobile hotspot.

    Both the PC Application and the web front-end used through the Wifi Utility thus provide the ability to capture real-time data, read and clear fault codes, perform service functionality and send us logs. Both WiFi and USB cable can be used on both applications to connect to the GS-911wifi interface.

    Have a look at the Wifi Utility Overview

    Also have a look at the software comparison table here

    Why is the firmware upgrade failing on my virtual machine?

    Upgrading the firmware on your GS-911 interface requires the USB connection the be reinitialised during the process. This might cause problems when doing the upgrade on a virtual Windows machine.
    Here’s what to look out for:

    The guest Windows machine needs to connect to “Hex Microsystems” USB devices automatically, otherwise the upgrade will fail. The automatic USB connection should only filter on the “Hex Microsystems” Vendor ID, and Product ID, as the interface will connect in a different capacity during the upgrade procedure. Any connections to lower level USB hardware / hubs should not be forwarded to the guest machine as this may delay the USB initialisation which will cause the upgrade to fail.

    My PC App dies when trying to update itself, how do I update?


    In the event where the PC Application is unable to update itself, one can use the Downloader app as described here to update your software.

    WiFi FAQs

    Do you recommend any wifi access points or settings?

    We have tested a variety of wifi access points and wireless routers and found some to be better than others. *Some* actually comply to the 802.11 wireless specifications...

    Here is a really inexpensive, but great little access point/router/bridge.  It is small, compact and powered by a 5V microUSB connection. And best of all, it is available for less than $20!  just Google it ... and you should find a couple of great deals!



    Once you have an acess point, please ensure that you configure it correctly - some settings (like disabling AP isolation) are essential, while others are highly recommended:

    WMM: disabledWMM prioritizes traffic in different classes and giving precedence to voice and video over other types of traffic. In theory it is useful on an AP with a lot of mixed traffic but it may also limit throughput for a GS-911wifi.

    Short GI: disabled - Short Guard Interval decreases the time between data characters being sent wirelessly. In an optimal radio environment that could increase throughput but in less than optimal conditions it will instead lead to errors, retransmissions, instability and decreased performance. If you're a RF-engineer you know when you can enable it, but for the rest of us it is safer to leave it disabled.

    AP Isolation: disabled - this is essential! It is a security setting intended for public wifi networks (eg. shopping malls and airports), so that one device cannot see another device on the same network... naturally your PC, phone or tablet *must* be able to see the GS-911wifi device!


    How do I setup my GS-911wifi network?

    Please have a look at the instructional videos and read this article

    Is the GS-911 wifi the same as the GS-911 bluetooth?


    The red GS-911 wifi is a completely new product that aims to provide similar functionality to the older yellow bluetooth product while interfacing to more bikes and being accessible to more mobile platforms. The product is also compatible with the new(K001) BMW motorcycle chassis types that have a new physical layer and new electrical protocol.  The GS911 wifi can be accessed by any WiFi enabled device with a browser (e.g. smartphones and tablets) whereas the bluetooth model could not be accessed by Apple devices. The GS911wifi can still also be accessed through the PC application using the USB port.

    Why does the GS-911wifi infrastructure LED keep flashing red, but it never goes green?

    The GS-911wifi is trying to connect to a known Wifi Access points. If it cannot find a known Access point in its vicinity, it will rescan for a new list of Access points to connect to. It will keep doing this until it connects successfully or is switched to D2D Mode using the button or software.

    Why does the GS-911wifi infrastructure LED keep flashing green and I never hear the connection beep?

    The GS-911wifi is waiting to receive an IP address from a DHCP server. It is possible that the Wireless Access Point does not have DHCP activated. In such a situation, try setting a static IP instead.

    Why is there no configuration (gear) icon next to my access point in the network configuration list?

    Only access points that are currently visible and have been successfully connected to in the past, will have a configuration option. If you need to configure a network setting of an access point that you have not connected to before, add a manual entry instead.


    What are the red question marks on some of the web interface pages for?

    They provide additional information or help about the particular setting or configuration option. 

    I have selected my distance units to be displayed as miles, yet the service reminder screen still displays in kilometres. Why?

    The service reminder screen will use the units that the bike's instrument cluster uses and will therefore always override the units setting in the Options panel.


    Can I leave my GS-911wifi connected to the bike when its switched off?


    The GS-911wifi has a configurable sleep mode which can be set under the Options menu. It can monitor either the battery voltage or the ignition pin (if fitted) or both to determine when it should switch to sleep mode. It will only draw about 5mA when sleep mode is activated.

    The device can also be forced to wake up by pressing the button or connecting to a PC with the USB cable.

    Where do I find the serial checksum?

    The checksum is the last four letters of the serial number as displayed on the About page of the web interface or as listed by the Wifi utility under device information.

    Whats wrong if the GS-911 wifi is not detected by the GS-911 PC software or the PC WiFi utility?

    If the device status LED is flashing Red/Orange continuously, it could indicate a boot failure. If the device status LED is continuously flashing Green at 5Hz, it could indicate a boot loop.

    This may occur if the device was powered down during a firmware upgrade and will require firmware recovery.

    The process is as follows:

    1. If you have not done so already, download the latest version of the PC WiFi utility here:
    2. Close any instances of GS-911 PC Application or the PC WiFi utility that may be running.
    3. Unplug the device from the motorcycle and USB, ensuring that it is OFF.
    4. Press and hold the red(Wifi toggle) button and plug the device into USB to power it up, whilst holding the red button in.
    5. Release the red button after it is powered up.
    6. Do not open the Wifi utility, but right click on the WiFi utility icon in the system tray and select "Check for updates".Check for updates
    7. This should start the upgrade process to recover the firmware on the device, follow all the relevant prompts and if any errors or failures occur, click "OK" and repeat the process from step 6 above, it may take several attempts.Install update now
    8. Once the upgrade is completed, click “OK” then you can run GS-911 or the PC WiFi utility as per normal and reconfigure/test the device.

    I get an error message that there is no internet connection when trying to run service functions through the web interface

    The GS911wifi unit requires an internet connection to execute the service functions from a cloud server. When it is set up for D2D functioning, the device itself is set up as the access point and cannot have an internet connection at the same time. You have to configure the unit for Infrastructure mode so that it can connect to the internet via a Wifi access router or via a smartphone set up as an internet hotspot.

    For more information in setting up Infrastructure mode have a look at the instructional videos and read this article.

    Alternatively, if you do not want to be reliant on an internet connection, you can download the standalone PC application using the download utility from our download page. The PC application will enable you to perform service functions without having to have an internet connection.

    GS-911wifi cannot see/cannot connect to my Wifi Router

    The third party wireless module we use in the GS911wifi is certified for 802.11 b/g with the North American frequency range.
    This means it can connect to Wifi channels 1-11 in the 2.4 GHz range but not the 5GHz range.

    If your router is configured to auto-change channels or use channels higher than 11 or the 5GHz range, GS911wifi will have trouble connecting.

    How do I send my GS911wifi debug logs?

    To send a debug log file from a GS911wifi:

    1. Go to the Options panel and check the box for 'Debug Enable'
    2. Select 'All debug messages'
    3. Execute the required functions and perform all actions that you want logged
    4. Go back to the Options panel and disable debug logging
    5. The 'View debug logs' link will appear
    6. Selecting it should give you a list of debug files with the file number of the latest log mentioned above the list
    7. You can upload all your debug logs from here, or download individual log files
    8. If attaching a single debug file to your email or support-ticket, do not paste the binary contents into the text

    Can't I just use my phone/tablet as a wifi Hotspot?

    Yes, one can configure the GS-911wifi to connect to the hotspot on your mobile phone, which means you can perform service functionality anywhere where there is mobile data coverage. Here are the steps in order to achieve this:

    1. For this step you'll have to navigate to your phones Hotspot menu, and get the exact Hotspot name and password (including all apostrophe's etc). On an iPhone the hotspot name can be found in the menu under General -> About -> Name
    2. Write this down, or remember both the hotspot name and password
    3. Next, plug in your GS-911wifi to your bike's diagnostic port and turn on the ignition that it powers up
    4. On the GS-911wifi, ensure D2D mode is active by pressing the red button until the right-most LED is on (under the two WiFi symbols facing each other)
    5. Now, back to your phone. Open the WiFi menu and look for your GS-911wifi's network in the list (the network name should be GS911_[last 4 or 5 digits of the serial number of GS-911wifi], example GS911_7243
    6. Once connected to that network, open a browser and navigate to the following IP address: This can be typed into the top bar in the browser
    7. After connecting to the web browser of the GS-911wifi, navigate to WiFi setup -> Add network manually. In this page you enter the network name of your hotspot into the SSID/Network name field, then select WPA/WPA2 encryption, then enter the password of your hotspot into the passphrase field
    8. After these details have been confirmed to be correct, select Save at the bottom of the page.
    9. On your phone, turn on the mobile hotspot and press the red button on the GS-911wifi so that the middle LED starts blinking. If the details that was entered in step 7 was correct, the GS-911wifi should connect to the hotspot.
    10. From your phone, navigate back to your internet browser, and in the top search bar enter  http://gs911_XXXX.local (with the XXXX being the last 4 or 5 digits of the device serial number, for example http://gs911_7243.local
    11. You should now have cloud access on your GS-911wifi without the need for a WiFi router

    Please note that Cloud service functions rely on the latest version of the firmware. You may be required to upgrade.

    Disclaimer: If the mobile signal on the phone is weak, cloud functions might time out or not load at all.

    What is Remote GS-911 Control?

    The GS-911wifi Web App has a Remote GS-911 Control menu. What does it do?

    The Remote Control functionality of GS-911 creates a secure connection via the Hex Cloud server that allows anyone on the Internet to remotely control your GS-911 device using the unique link(URL) provided. This link can be shared (email, phone, etc.) with anyone that wants to temporarily take control of your GS-911 device to perform diagnostic functions remotely.

    You need to remain on the Remote GS-911 Control page while a remote user is controlling your application in order to keep it active. Selecting Disconnect or browsing away from the page will terminate the remote control session of your GS-911 device.

    For the best experience you should be in real-time communication with the remote user, since you could be asked to perform physical functions on the bike whilst they are using remote control to perform e.g. service functions.



    where: Infrastructure.jpgWifi Router/AccessPoint,   MobileDevice.jpgAny device with a Browser and Wifi


    Mobile-based FAQs

    What is the Bluetooth/Mobile version?

    Official distribution of Bluetooth enabled devices was ended in 2018.

    GS-911blu is the bluetooth enabled interface, that affords you the EMERGENCY diagnostic capability on your mobile phone. Instead of a PC/Laptop you have a mobile version of the software running on your phone. The Bluetooth/Mobile version is available in 4 versions:

    • for most normal phones that can run Java Midlet applications (JSR-82 is a prerequisite),
    • BlackBerry phones (except the Z10 generation! Pls. see: Will it work on my BlackBerry?)
    • Windows Mobile 5 & 6 devices with touch-screen (covers PocketPC and SmartPhone),
    • Android devices (requires Android 2.x or higher)

    Please check the requirements for your mobile device.

    View the product Comparison page to see what functionality the Mobile version offers:

    Also see "Does the Mobile version have Service functionality?"

    What are the Bluetooth/Mobile requirements?

    Firstly, you need a GS-911 with bluetooth (GS-911blu)! The mobile apps do NOT work with USB-only GS-911 interfaces (GS-911usb). This FAQ applies to the GS-911 Mobile App, for Bluetooth-enabled GS-911 devices.  (This FAQ does NOT apply to the GS-911wifi device - the GS-911wifi device works on Android and iOS devices without any specific apps installed on the Android or iOS device).

    For ordinary phones (NOT Blackberry, or Windows Mobile 5 & 6 or Android), like your typical Nokia, Motorola or Sony Ericsson etc., the mobile requirements are a phone that has bluetooth and runs Java applications (with CLDC 1.1 minimum) AND it has to comply to JSR-82.  See additional FAQ: How will I know whether it will work on my mobile phone? In summary:

    For JavaMobile version (all non-Blackberry, non-Windows Mobile, non-Android) devices:

    Use the GS911Verifier.jar to test compatibility (see related FAQ "What does the GS911Verifier do?")

    If you don't know whether your phone complies to the above, please look it up, Google it's specifications or contact your Mobile phone vendor - do not ask us!


    • it needs Bluetooth and for BB OS 10 and later it needs to have Android support.


    • it needs Bluetooth ;-)
    • Android 2.3 or higher. Also see related FAQ for Known issues.

    Windows Mobile devices

    • a WinMobile 5.x or 6.x device with Bluetooth

    All other devices

    • Have to use the JavaMobile version, hence have to be JSR-82 and CLDC1.1 compliant - use the GS911Verifier.jar to test compatibility (see related FAQ)


    Also see the FAQ: "Which GS-911 software to use?".

    What is JSR-82 compatibility?

    This is a Java Specification that means the Java midlet is able/allowed to use the Bluetooth functionality of your mobile device/phone.

    From Wikipedia: "The Java APIs for Bluetooth is a Java Micro Edition specification for APIs that allow Java midlets to use Bluetooth on supporting devices. The specification was developed under the Java Community Process as JSR 82."

    Use the GS911Verifier.jar to test JSR-82 compatibility (see related FAQ "What does the GS911Verifier do?").

    Why do some models have "ts" after them in the Mobile version?

    Because screen real-estate (read: screen size) is limited on the mobile devices, we have abbreviated the "twin-spark" (2004 and on) to "ts"

    Do you have a list of JSR-82 compatible phones?

    Yes and No...,  - The JSR-82 List is by NO means complete, comprehensive or thorough and is not guaranteed to be 100% correct, but we have ticking the verified ones off - if anyone can add to the list, pls let us know.

    Obviously with mobiles being released at the speed they are, it is impossible to keep an up to date list... the list linked above, dates from early 2007 (and has not been updated since...), but should give you a good idea...

    Use the GS911Verifier to test whether your phone is JSR-82 compatible.

    Also remember to Google!  Searching for your phone model and "JSR-82" should easily how you whether your device is supposed to be JSR-82 compliant!

    How will I know whether bluetooth will work with my mobile phone?

    If you have :

    • a Windows Mobile 5 or 6 device, then NO Problem, just use the Windows Mobile application!
    • a BlackBerry device, No Problem (except Z10), just use the BlackbBerry application (all BlackBerries running software 4.2.1 or newer are JSR-82 compliant so you could theoretically use the GS-911mobile version too - you should use the GS-911Verifier to test your BlackBerry's JSR-82 compliancy...). Please Note: the BlackBerry application does NOT run on the latest Z10 generation! Please see: Will it work on my BlackBerry?)
    • an iPhone/iPad, you require the GS-911wifi - see the related FAQ !
    • a Normal phone that runs Java applications and has bluetooth (like most typical Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung etc.) - These must be JSR-82 compliant (not all are!) - you should check your phones compatibility with GS-911Verifier (read below)
    • an Android device. Use the Android application. See the related FAQ for known issues: Does it run on my Android?


    To read more on the GS-911Verifier, please see the related FAQ "What does the GS911Verifier do?".

    Also see "Which GS-911 software to use?".

    How do I get the GS911Verifier.jar onto my mobile?

    This holds true for the GS911Mobile.jar software too.

    All mobiles are different - read your mobile device's user manual to figure out how to install additional Java applications. You can download this file in the downloads section, then get it onto your mobile as per your device's possibilities (i.e Bluetooth the file to it, upload it to the mobile, using the management software from the vendor or download it directly onto your mobile (see the next point...)

    The GS911Verifier,jar is intended to be run on java-enable mobile phones that can run midlet applications, like your typical Nokia, Motorola, Samsung etc (not for use with Windows Mobile devices, Android or BlackBerries).

    And if you're trying to download it onto your PC, and are getting "Failed to load main-class manifest from C:\.....", then your GS911Verifier.jar file is trying to execute (run) on your PC... This is intended for mobile devices only... and if it is trying to execute it probably means you are clicking on the file (left-clicking) an you PC Operating system wants to open it... Please right-click an use "Save as"...

    Can I download the GS911Verifier app directly onto my mobile?

    If your mobile allows it and has connectivity (i.e. you can browse on your mobile), then just point your browser to  or depending on the case sensitivity of your mobile browser


    Will it work on my Blackberry?

    For Blackberry OS earlier than V10, please use the Blackberry version of GS-911.

    For Blackberry OS 10.2+  (Z10) please use the Android version of GS-911.

    Either side load the Google Play store and have access to all the Android apps including GS-911, or side load the Android version of GS-911 from our servers.

    Also see the following FAQs:

    Minimum Requirements?

    How will I know whether it will work on my mobile phone?

    Will it work on my IPAQ or Windows Mobile phone?

    No - We no longer support devices that runs Windows Mobile 5 or Windows Mobile 6.

    If you have an older device the short answer is NO - but we've heard of installations on PocketPC 2003 using a compliant java vm. Due to the installation complexity we do NOT officially support this setup.

    Windows Phone 7 and up are not supported either... see this FAQ

    My mobile or PDA has USB, Can I use the USB to connect to the GS-911?

    Unfortunately not! Normal USB has host controllers (typically the PC/Laptop) or hubs, and the devices that plug into them are client devices... You cannot make a straight connection between two host controllers, nor can you directly connect two client devices together... The GS-911 is a USB client device, as it plugs into the PC (the host).  Your PDA/Phone is in all likelihood also a USB client device, and hence  you cannot connect the PDA directly to the GS-911, using its USB port.  Even if your device had a USB host controller, you would still need the USB drivers installed and these are only available for the Windows XP and Vista Operating system.

    How do I configure my GS911Mobile application after I have installed it?

    The GS911Mobile application has to be configured. This also pairs with your GS-911 interface and tests the Bluetooth connectivity between your mobile device and the GS-911 interface. Here's a How-To on doing that... If you were just looking for the Bluetooth PIN to make the pairing connection, this is "0000".

    Does GS911Mobile support PalmOS?

    in other words, will the java midlet version run on my PALM device?

    Maybe... most bluetooth-enabled Palm's are not JSR-82 compliant. For the mobile application to work on your device, your device has to be:
    • Bluetooth enabled
    • be able to run MIDP (java) applications, and
    • be JSR-82 compliant

    It has to conform to ALL three of these requirements... and the easiest way to find out whether your device will work, will be to upload the GS911Verifier.jar application to it and clicking the [Test] button...

    Have a look at the related FAQ: "How will I know whether it will work on my mobile phone?"

    Bluetooth api available but not allowed by Operator. What does this mean?

    When you test whether your mobile device (for non-Android, non-BlackBerry and non-Windows phones) is JSR-82 compliant by running the GS-911Verifier.jar on your device, you could get the above as one of the results. This means that in theory your phone / mobile device could run GS-911 HOWEVER, your Mobile Network Operator has crippled the phone (probably a branded phone), by running other Firmware on it, and so doing, NOT allowing a whole host of things, one of which is a bluetooth Serial (profile) connection to a data device (this is not a audio device / headset).

    This is not our fault, and something that MANY other people are very unhappy about in general!

    To read more about Network Operator Crippled phones (specifically in the USA), see the links below:

    Hence it is imperative that you test your mobile device using GS-911Verifier.jar or if you are buying a new one, ask the service agent to test it for you, if they don't know...


    However, on the bright side, it seems the Network Operators are at long last seeing the error of their ways, and opening up their mobiles...

    Can the GS911 run on my Garmin Zumo 550?

    My Garmin Zumo 550 has Bluetooth, can I use it to run my GS-911 application in stead of running it on my mobile phone?

    Nope, unfortunately Bluetooth is only part of the requirement... the end device (the Zumo in this case) must still be able to run our GS-911 mobile application, which the Zumo is not capable of doing - they don't allow any third party applications to be installed or run on the device. ...Maybe one could talk to Garmin and suggest such an enhancement to their range... Anyone have any influence with Garmin? ;-)

    BlackBerry - cannot check for updates

    When trying GS911Mobile, I receive the error: " could not open tunnel - failed." OR " Could not find a service book entry for IPPP"


    If your Blackberry is NOT on a Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES):
    Users that are not on a BES must make sure their Blackberry is configured for generic access to the internet. Even though you might be able to surf the web from your Blackberry, it still must be configured to allow third party applications to access the Internet.

    If your Blackberry is on a Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES):
    You might need to contact your IT department and indicate that Mobile Data Services (MDS) must be enabled for both the Server AND your user account. The BES server itself must also be able to make outbound connections to the Internet. Users on a BES server will typically have two different browsers on their device. One browser is usually named by your carrier, and the second is called "Blackberry Browser". If you cannot surf the web with the "Blackberry Browser", your device is not configured for proper Internet access, and GS-911 won't work either.

    Also have a look at the FAQ on How To Configure Full Internet Access on BlackBerry

    Does the bluetooth version run on my iPhone?

    (This F.A.Q. applies to iPads and iPod Touch too!)


    Update July 2014:

    If you have an iPad or iPhone, then the GS-911wifi is for you! All Emergency functionality is supported on the iOS devices!! 


    Update July 2010:

    Found an informative Popular Mechanics article on "Apple Tax" 
    How the "Apple Tax" Boosts Prices on iPod & iPhone Accessories


    Update June 2010:

    To have an iPhone app communicate directly with a device, the official way to do it is to apply for Apple's "Made for iPod / Works with iPhone" program.

    Please note that the "Made for iPod / Works With iPhone program" is not just another approval process and agreeing to terms – for any Bluetooth device to talk to the iPhone/iPad etc., it will need to actually incorporate a special authentication chip, which naturally rules out any software-only solution to get an iPhone app to talk to a GS-911. This means a complete redesign of the hardware... NO way around that...


    Update June 2009:

    iPhone OS 3.0 is here!  Did it add the hooks needed to support GS-911 in  the future?

    Difficult to say, Apple has made an "External Accessory" API available which covers connected Bluetooth devices as well. The lowdown technical information on whether this abstract API will actually be useful for standard Bluetooth serial port communications is only available to "Licensed developers" (ie. learn more = pay here)... clearly Apple only targets mass market accessory devices....

    Some comments found online regarding iPhone 3.0 Bluetooth support:

    Too bad it still doesn't support standard Bluetooth profiles like Serial Port Profile (SPP). Aside from headphones, iPhone will still not operate with standard Bluetooth devices; only those specially designed to work with it. Lame.



    === Original post ===

    No  ...and we have no idea when it will, as this is 100% up to Apple...

    At present there is no Java Virtual machine for the iPhone (and it seems like there won't be one soon - SUN Micosystems investigated this, but it seems that negotiations with Apple were not fruitful...

    As an alternative, one could write a native application, as the SDK is now available, there is NO way one can do any Bluetooth communication using the SDK's API - as you probably are aware, bluetooth functionality on the iPhone is very limited ... At present (and until Apple release an update that rectifies/changes this) there is no way any application can use the bluetooth of the iPhone to communicate with the GS-911 interface...

    Just to be sure, we confirmed this with Apple - here is their response:

    "Hi Stephan,

    Thanks for getting in contact and sorry for the delay in getting back to you.  I've had a chance to review your video, and it looks like you guys have a terrific product.

    Unfortunately, at this time, the only supported bluetooth devices for iPhone are bluetooth headsets — we do not provide a generic architecture for software to communicate via bluetooth."


    And Yes, we know about Firmware 3.0, and even iOS 4 and newer.... but up to date, there still is NO way to communicate data to a standard 3rd party Bluetooth device over SPP!

    The iPhone is a great device, and we will keep an eye out for updates...

    Does the bluetooth/mobile version have a VIN limitation?

    No! With the introduction of the Service & Maintenance functionality in the PC/Laptop version, we are differentiating between an Enthusiast and a Professional version - the Enthusiast version limits (only) the Service and Maintenance functionality to be used on 10 motorcycles, using their VINs - read more on the VINlimit page.

    However, as the mobile version only has "Emergency Diagnostic tool" functionality (reading of ECU information, reading and clearing of fault codes and real-time information), there is no Service & Maintenance functionality to limit... and hence you can use it on a gazillion motorcycles and help everyone you encounter along the roadside!

    Does the bluetooth mobile version have service functionality?

    No.  Due to numerous reasons, the bluetooth mobile versions are Emergency Diagnostic tools only. This means they can read ECU information, read and clear fault codes and show real-time values. The Service & Maintenance functionality is only available in the PC/Laptop version and in the cloud.

    The screen real-estate as well as input methods are *very* limited on many of the mobiles that the GS-911 Mobile version runs on, and it makes it near impossible from a user interface perspective.  And yes, some are very good, but if we do it for one mobile version, then we have to do it for all, and that's not going to be possible... If you want to service your motorcycle, use the PC/Laptop version or the GS-911wifi web interface.

    Failed to load Main-Class manifest attribute

    This message is related to downloading the GS911Verifier.jar and GS911mobile.jar versions.

    If you are getting this message, it means you are clicking on the file and you PC has an assosiation with .jar and is trying to run (execute) the file.  Keep in mind that this file is intended to execute on a mobile device and not on a PC.

    The solution: right-click and save as... then get it onto your phone (either bluetooth or whatever software application your mobile vendor bundled with your phone) - We expect everyone to be capable of installing a Java midlet application onto their mobile phone - this is outside the scope of GS-911.

    If you're stuck at getting the .jar file onto your phone, we suggest you contact your mobile vendor, or do some Google searches on "how to install Java applications on {add your model here}".

    Trying to install the java mobile version on my BB, but

    UPDATE: Blackberry has made such a hash of this, that we have resorted to releasing a native application for BlackBerries again... - bottom line: just use the Blackberry app in stead of the ordinary .JAR file... You can download this or send it to your phone using the GS-911downloader.

     === === ===

    Most new BlackBerries (running BlackBerry smartphone software 4.2.1 or newer) can run Java midlet applications (and are JSR-82 compliant).  Read the related FAQ on using the GS-911Verifier, to test whether your device is JSR-82 compliant: How will I know whether it will work on my mobile phone?  To determine what OS version you're currently running, click the Options icon on your BlackBerry home screen and select About.

    You install the software and when you try to run it you get something like: "Error starting GS911Mobile1_32 Module 'GS011Mobile1_32' has verification error 1085 at offset 7ccc"

      Update your BB OS to the latest version

    Your Application Manager software does not recognize it as a valid file and you get something like: "No Additional applications designed for your device were found"

      Update your BB Application Manger to the latest version

    We have found that the absolute easiest way to install the java mobile version on a BB is as follows:

    • navigate to using the Browser on your BB
    • log in to the hexcode site, so you have download rights
    • navigate to the downloads page, and follow the links and click on the GS911mobile.jar link

    this will download and install the application...

    What is the passcode/passkey/password/pin required for bluetooth?

    this is four zero's ("0000")

    Sending a text from the web

    Why?  When installing the mobile version, instead of having to use the cramped keyboard on your mobile phone to type the URL into the browser, just use an online service to send a free text to your mobile, containing the link to the .jad file on the download page... Once the SMS/Text arrives, open it and simply click on the link...

    The following are well known online services: (almost free)



    If you have more options, don't hesitate to inform us.

    dot NET framework for WM

    After installing the GS-911 Mobile version for Windows Mobile devices, you might get a message as follows : "This application (GS-911CE.exe) requires a newer version of the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework than the version installed on this device."

    You should download and install the ".NET Compact Framework 3.5 Redistributable". (Version 2.0 seems to work fine too.)

    Remember to reboot your Windows Mobile device after the installation!

    To check what version of of .NET is installed and running on your Windows Mobile device : Start > Programs > File Explorer. Navigate to the Windows folder and run cgacutil.exe.

    Does the bluetooth version run on my Android?

    Meet Mr. Android and Mrs. GS-911!

    To the right you can see :
    • a Samsung Galaxy S Tablet and
    • a HTC-based Google Nexus One



    • The device has to be Android 2.2 or later


    Known Issues:

    • Not all devices that run Android 2.2 are suited, as some, such as the Samsung Spica seem to have issues with their bluetooth stack.. (this is out of our control)
    • Some devices cannot "see" the GS-911 interface when trying to pair with it.  This is an Android issue. Please see the section "Bluetooth Device Class ID issues" below.
    • Broadcomm Bluetooth stack bug on some HTC, LG, Samsung devices (like the Desire HD and Hero).  There seems to be a issue with the way it supports the SPP (Serial Port Profile), which makes the communication flaky at best (you will get typically get a "checksum failure" error on GS-911... nothing much we can do about that... but it might help if you complain to HTC... (google for this issue.. there are plenty of reports of people with these models who cannot communicate with a myriad of Bluetooth devices that use SPP - ranging from GPS, to temperature and data loggers etc...)


    Bluetooth Device Class ID issues:

    The Class of Device is based on a numbering scheme of the Bluetooth SIG and is returned on Inquiry requests from other
    devices. The Class of Device indicates the basic functionality of a device like Mobile Phone, Printer, Headset. Bluetooth modules such as those used in GS-911, are shipped by the manufacturer with a default Class of Device of 00 00 (major minor), as these devices to not fall into any specific category.

    Some Android flavors, (mostly Samsung, some HTC and LG), simply ignore any device that has a zero Device Class ID.  This means the Android device, finds the GS-911 device, requests it's Device Class ID and then on seeing that it is 00 00, simply ignores it (does not even list it when you do a device scan). You can try to run this app.

    So what can be done about the Device Class ID issue?

    Well, firstly enable bluetooth on your Android device, power up your GS-911 device (via USB or by plugging into a bike) and do a bluetooth device scan on your Android device.  If your Android device "sees" a GS-911 interface, then you do NOT have this issue!!!  You're ready to use GS-911 on your Android 2.2 device.

    • If however your Android 2.2 device cannot see the GS-911 interface, you probably have and Android device with this issue.
      • If you have a GS-911 with a serial# that starts with GS6.... (hardware with a newer bluetooth module) then we have an application that will change your Device Class ID from 00 00 (miscellaneous) to 1F 00 (uncategorized). You can download the BTclassUpdate.exe here [2MB].
      • If you have an older GS-911 interface that has a serial# that starts with GS4.... (older bluetooth module), there is not much you can do... unfortunately.. as this module does NOT have a feature to set the "Class ID" to something different.

    David, a keen GS-911 owner and enthusiast, has taken this issue up with the HTC team, who eventually admitted that there is an issue, and agreed to "fix" it... (however we have no time-frame). 

    We are of the opinion that this "feature" is something that the operators requested and/or want in the devices, as HTC devices with Android 2.1 did not have this issue, although the HTC and Samsung versions of Android 2.2 do!  Also, the plain vanilla flavour Android 2.2 from Google (running on the HTC Nexus One for example), does NOT have this issue!


    Where do I get the Beta version of Android for GS-911?

    Download and run the GS-911 Downloader from the downloads page.  See the related FAQ: What does the GS-911downloader do?


    We need feedback! 

    Once you have downloaded the Android version, please help us by sending us a mail to our Help Desk, letting us know:

    • Your mobile device (e.g. HTC Desire), including Android version (Settings -> About phone)
    • Any issues
    • Any suggestions


    Installing the GS-911 Android application on your Android Device / phone / tablet

    • First make sure that you have clicked the setting on your phone that allows it to install non-market applications (under "Application Settings" or "Security", tick "Unknown Sources" ...see this how-to.
    • Now you need to get the .APK (android installation file onto your android device.. the easiest way is to use the GS-911downloader (see this F.A.Q.) ...Once the GS-911downloader has opened the web page that shows ALL your possible GS-911 downloads... look for the Android one... there you have 2 options:
    1. "E-mail download link to phone" : absolutely the easiest... send it to an email address that you can read on your Android device.. (once you receive the email, click on the link - this will download and install the software)
    2. "Click here to download the file" - this will download the file to your PC.. now you need to copy that file (a .APK file) from your PC to your android device (this exercise is trivial and left to the reader). Once it is on your android device, you need to use a file manager (something like Linda filemanager), navigate to were you copied it, and run it... this will install the application on your phone!). YES, option 1 is a lot easier!!!


    Once the software is installed, you need to pair with the GS-911 device

    Your GS-911 need to be powered (Green LED), either by plugging it into the bike or through USB from your PC.

    • Under the phones "Blootooth settings" menu, "Scan or devices", select your GS-911 device (pin is "0000"), and once done the description under the device should read: "Paired, but not connected"
    • Now that the GS-911 interface is paired with your Android device, proceed to run the GS-911 application. Under Menu->Options, select your GS-911 device (if it is not already selected), then exit this menu. To check that your Bluetooth connection is setup correctly, you can use Menu->Test... this will connect to the GS-911 interface and list some information (Firmware version, Serial#, bike's battery voltage , etc.)


    Enjoy your GS-911 ! …and be sure to let us know how we can enhance it!


    What does the GS911Verifier do?

    Use the GS911Verifier to test whether your device is JSR-82 compliant!

    Use the GS911Verifier on the Java midlet enabled mobile phones, to test whether your device is capable of running the GS911Mobile.jar version.

    The GS911Verifier does NOT run (and is not intended to run) on ANDROID, Windows Mobile or Windows PC operating systems (Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7). This is for use on normal phones like Nokia, Motorolla, Sony-Ericsson and BlackBerries that can run Java MIDLET applications.

    You can download the GS911Verifier.jar . Alternatively type this into the browser of your mobile device:

    This Java midlet will simply test your phone and tell you whether it is suited or not - most are ;-) . Once you click the [Test] button, the status will be shown as one of the following:

    • "Your device is capable of running GS911!" (good on you.. you can run the Java midlet on your device!)
    • "Bluetooth api not available - Java VM is not JSR-82 compliant". (If the API could not be found, your phone is not JSR-82 compliant, and it will not work on this mobile device.)
    • "Bluetooth api available, but not allowed by Operator". (Some phones are crippled by the network operator (typically Cingular/AT&T - we have had no feedback on Verizon devices yet), this is one of them, and it will NOT work on this mobile device. We are currently in negotiations with Cingular/AT&T to get the application signed which in theory should make it work ;-)

    Please also see the FAQ on Network Operator Crippled phones (specifically in the USA):

    Does the bluetooth version run on Windows Phone 7 or Phone 8?



    Because Windows Phone 7 & Phone 8, only allow third party applications and games that run under either  the Windows Phone specific version of Silverlight or XNA. There are a lot of disappointed users and application developers all over the globe...

    • Silverlight: is an Application Framework for running rich internet applications. Read the Wikipedia page on Silverlight.
    • XNA: is a set of tools with a managed runtime environment provided by Microsoft that facilitates game development and management. Read the Wikipedia page on XNA.
    • Read the Wikipedia page on Windows Phone 7.

    How do I install the bluetooth/mobile software?

    Check out this How-To: "How to install the mobile software?".


    Ordering, Shipping & Pricing FAQs

    Where can I order GS-911?

    You can order it from our online shop. We are based in South Africa, so have a look whether there is a reseller closer to you.

    For information on the online shop ordering process, pls see the related How-To.

    How much does it cost?

    Have a look at the Compare versions page.

    Also have a look at the international resellers, to locate the one closest to you.

    How long will the introductory offer last?

    The introductory offer of US$249 for the GS-911blu and US$199 for the GS-911usb has expired on 2 October 2007,

    Note: The rest of this FAQ is kept for historical purposes.

    The new recommended retail prices are US$299 and US$249 for the GS-911blu and GS-911usb respectively.  This is an increase of US$50, that is used to subsidize the reseller network...

    So, what will the bottom line be for the end customer?

    Well, let's take a customer in the USA for example. At the old introductory price without the Resellers, the customer would be charged $249 for a GS-911blu unit, with an additional shipping charge of $55, making up a total of $304 - without the potential TAX and Duties on landing...

    With the Reseller network in place, the customer would be charged a recommended retail price of US$299 + the cost of the local shipping ($10 to $15, depending on the type and priority), which in the end would yield around the same cost or worst-case a slight increase (as you can see, around $5) in the total cost, with the added advantages of:

    • a local reseller,
    • first-tier support in the same time-zone
    • no issues or time delays due to Duties
    • no need to ship a unit all the way to South Africa if it requires attention

    What is the upgrade policy on the unit? Are the firmware and software upgrades free?

    Please see the related FAQ: "What do updates cost?".

    How much does shipping cost to...?

    The BEST way to find out is to go to the shop page and click on the [Click to Add GS911 to cart] button...  Add as many of the different types of units you like, then continue with the checkout - You can always bail out, quit or cancel the checkout process before you even enter any of your credit card details... that way you know EXACTLY how much it will cost to ship the specific amount of GS-911 units you require, to your country!

    Of course this would also be the correct way to determine what your total price will be for whatever you are ordering from the shop (all products, including shipping).

    PLEASE NOTE:  this is SHIPPING cost... there will be a VAT and Duties charge on any import. This is something that is set and controlled by every individual country... and there is NO way we can calculate it, nor include it into the shipping price!  As a reference, buying a GS-911blu Enthusiast from us in South Africa and importing it to the UK, results in an average additional cost of GBP 60. This is why we suggest you find the closest official GS-911 reseller!

    I'm not in the USA but the checkout cart insists on a "State:"

    This is a shopping cart issue... under the drop-down box, select "Outside US & Canada" - it is arranged alphabetically !

    You have a shipping option "No Shipping-I'll arrange my own!" - what does that mean?

    That means you (the customer) DON'T want to use the other FedEx option.  This also means YOU will arrange the shipping, i.e. you will notify our office when to expect the courier, that will pick up the shipment at our office. Also this means the package becomes your responsibility once it leaves our office.

    "Ok, but why is it FREE?" - Well, if you look carefully, the FedEx option has a cost associated to it, that will be added to the cost of the devices you purchased, hence if you arrange your OWN shipment, the amount that will be added to your Checkout basket is 0.00 (which 2CheckOut interprets as FREE).

    Why have the prices increased?

    GS-911 was introduced and offered as an Emergency Diagnostic Tool, with the intent of reading and clearing fault codes etc.  However, with it's growing popularity the need arose to offer more than just an Emergency Tool, and early in 2009 the GS-911 Enthusiast version with Service and Maintenance functionality was launched. 

    This Enthusiast version retails for US$349 for the GS-911blu and US$299 for the GS-911usb respectively and those prices has not changed since.

    The primary reason for product price adaptations were to allow a 2nd tier of distribution - you will have seen GS-911 stocked by many of your favourite Accessory suppliers (and if they don't yet stock it as an off-the-shelf product, ask them why not...)

    The secondary reason was to recoup the long development times taken to shape the GS-911 Emergency Tool into the GS-911 Diagnostic Tool that now supports service functionality. (In short: by keeping ourselves supported, we keep producing more and better functionality for GS-911). 

    See the Compare versions page for a detailed breakdown of the functionality and pricing.

    Why is the price in my BMW ON magazine less than on your website?

    The article was written in May of 2007, by Don, when the introductory offer was still applicable.

    We did supply the Reseller pricing, as well as the new HEXCODE website, however the editor(s) probably felt they had to be accurate at the time of writing...

    Don't worry however, as the customer end price is roughly the same if you order it through our US reseller, compared to the final cost of the Introductory offer plus the shipping cost of $55 from South Africa.

    Please have a look at this FAQ for a price comparison between the NEW Reseller price when shipped from the USA  vs. the old Introductory Offer price when shipped from South Africa.

    Can you send it by mail?

    No we don't. As stated on our shop page under Shipping information, "Orders are shipped using the FedEx International Priority Service, only." You have to remember that we are at the southern tip of Africa, and we would like to make sure that your shipment reaches you in good time, and safely! ;-)

    Read this FAQ on how to determine what it would cost to ship to...

    You also have the option to arrange your own shipping should you wish to.

    What do updates cost?

    Nothing, yet.

    When purchasing the unit, you are entitled to one year of free updates - PC and mobile versions.  We reserve the right to charge an update fee after one year, which will entitle you to another year's updates - however this has not yet been implemented! (We are too busy implementing more functionality in GS-911!) 

    Please note that your software (all Release versions) will not stop working after a year, and you are under NO obligation to purchase updates - it's your choice whether you want to or not...

    Also, if you have not updated for a while, then these are NOT back-payable, i.e. there is no need to catch up on the payments for the years you've missed in order to get the latest update (as many diagnostic software manufacturers insist).

    Our suggested cost for updates would be US$49 for Enthusiast versions and US$99 for Professional versions respectively.  It is common in the software industry that yearly updates are charged at between 20% and 30% of the cost price of the software, but you will see our ranges are between 14% and 16% for the GS-911blu and GS-911usb Enthusiast units respectively.


    You purchase (and register/activate) GS-911 on 23 September 2008, and you can download updates at any time for the following year, ending in 24 September 2009. If there is an update that you want 03 July of 2011 (no longer within the year of free updates), and you purchase the update, then you will again have a year of free updates that will expire a year from the date of purchase of your update (to 04 July 2012).

    HOWEVER, we have not implemented this yet, and only reserve the right to do so...

    Up to this point all updates have been free... since GS-911 was released in January 2007.

    Do you offer a trade-in program for old devices?

    Do you have a trade-in program for older GS-911 devices?

    Yes, we do offer a trade-in program for older “yellow” GS-911 (USB & BLU) interfaces. You have the option of doing the trade-in directly with HEX, or through a participating distributor.

    When trading in your old GS-911 interface, no matter what variant (USB / BLU) or license type (Enthusiast / Professional), you will receive the following trade-in discount:

     US $100* discount on a GS-911wifi Enthusiast (10-Pin or OBD) purchased.
     US $200* discount on a GS-911wifi Professional (10-Pin or OBD) purchased.

    * Or estimated equivalent in your local currency

    The Trade-In discount can only be applied once, and only to one GS-911wifi Interface purchased.

    To determine if your GS-911 interface is eligible for this trade-in program, you need to do the following:

    1. Run the “GS-911 Downloader Utility” on a Windows PC, found here.
    2. Connect your GS-911 to a USB port, and click on “Download Options”.
    3. This will launch a web page, listing your GS-911 Interface details, links to the available downloads AND will display if your interface is eligible for the trade-in program or not.
    4. Now click on “Explore the trade-in program”. This will display details about the trade-in program, and steps for submitting your trade-in request.
    5. Step 1: Ensure that your registration details are correct, if not, click “go back” and use the [change] buttons to update your details. The details will be used to contact you and to link your traded interface to your new interface.
    6. Step 2: Select the interface you would like to order on this trade in program.

    Once you have reviewed your details and made your selection, click on the "generate summary for this trade-in enquiry" button. This will display a summary of the GS-911 details you are trading in, your registration details, and your selection of the GS-911wifi you would like to order.

    Now you can either submit the trade-in request directly to HEX, or if you choose to upgrade via a participating distributor, you have the option to submit the trade-in request to your distributor. Please note that when you select the "submit enquiry to distributor" option, you will receive an email with details of your trade-in summery, and further instructions. You need to forward this email to your distributor, they are not notified automatically. If you do not receive the email, please check your SPAM folder before contacting us.

    IMPORTANT: Also print a paper copy of the trade-in summary email you receive, to include with the trade-in GS-911 interface that you will ship to HEX or your local distributor.

    Once you have submitted the details to HEX or the distributor, either party will respond with further details and the delivery address, to which you have to ship the old GS-911 interface.

    IMPORTANT: You are responsible to ensure that the old GS-911 is delivered to the appropriate address. Use a reputable and traceable shipping method.


    Once your old GS-911 is received and processed at the appropriate trade-in facility, you will be contacted and provided with further details to complete / fulfil your trade-in order.

    Any extra language activations on your old GS-911, will be carried over to your new GS-911 WiFi interface.

    Once you receive your new GS-911 WiFi interface, you will have to register it, see this related FAQ.

    When doing the trade-in directly with HEX, also see this related FAQ.

    What will the process be when submitting a trade-in enquiry directly to HEX?

    Use the “GS-911 Downloader Utility” to determine if your old GS-911 is eligible for the trade-in program, and to generate a trade-in enquiry, as explained in this FAQ.

    Once you click the [submit enquiry to HEX] button, a confirmation email will be sent to you. This email will include the delivery address, to which you have to ship the old GS-911 interface. Remember to include a paper copy of the trade-in request summary email in the shipment. If you do not receive the email, please check your SPAM folder before contacting us.

    IMPORTANT: You are responsible to ensure that the old GS-911 is delivered to the appropriate address. Use a reputable and traceable shipping method.

    Once your old GS-911 is received by Hex, we will provide you with a Hex Innovate Online shop coupon code for the applicable discount, according to your trade in request.

    This coupon code is valid for 6 months and can only be used once, for the specific type of GS-911 Wifi you selected to purchase when submitting your trade-in request. i.e. if you requested a trade-in for an Enthusiast interface, it can’t be used on a Professional interface, and vice versa

    For the trade-in program, “direct to HEX” orders will be fulfilled either from our UK based warehouse, or our South African based warehouse, thus cross border shipping, duties and taxes will apply, which are for your account.

    Once you receive your new GS-911 WiFi interface, you will have to register it, see this related FAQ.

    What will the process be when submitting a trade-in enquiry to one of HEX’s distributors?

    The process differs from distributor to distributor. Please contact your distributor of choice and check the process with them.

    Trade-in Terms & Conditions

    1. Only genuine HEX GS-911blu or HEX GS-911usb interfaces are eligible for a Trade-in Discount.

    2. Traded interfaces are eligible for the either of the following:

    • US $100* Discount on a GS-911wifi Enthusiast (10-Pin or OBD) purchased.
    • US $200* Discount on a GS-911wifi Professional (10-Pin or OBD) purchased
    • * Or estimated equivalent in your local currency

    3. You are responsible to ensure that the original GS-911 interface is delivered to the appropriate address. Use a reputable and traceable shipping method.

    4. Include a printed copy of the Trade-in confirmation email you received along with the original GS-911 interface that you will ship to HEX or your local distributor.

    5. HEX takes ownership of the original interface only once it has been marked as received by HEX or by any of HEX’s authorised distributors.

    6. The Trade-in Discount will only be issued once the original interface has been marked as received by HEX or by any of HEX’s authorised distributors.

    7. Once the interface has been marked as received or the Discount Coupon has been issued, the original interface will be permanently disabled.  This is process is final cannot be reversed. Neither HEX nor the the distributor can return the original interface. It is no longer functional.

    8. Any Discount Coupon is valid for 6 months from the date of issue.

    9. ny Discount Coupon can only be used once, for the specific type of GS-911 Wifi you selected to purchase when submitting your trade-in request. i.e. if you requested a trade-in for an Enthusiast interface, it cannot be used on a Professional interface, and vice versa.

    10. For the trade-in program, “direct to HEX” orders will be fulfilled either from our UK based warehouse, or our South African based warehouse.

    11. Cross border shipping, duties and taxes will apply. These are for your account.

    12. Once you receive your new GS-911 WiFi interface, you will have to register it.

    13. By shipping your original GS-911 interface you agree to the above Terms and Conditions.