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Step-by-step instructions.


How to locate the Diagnostic connector on your BMW motorcycle
This page shows some pictures of where to find the diagnostic connector on some motorcycle models
How to connect the GS-911 interface to your BMW motorcycle
Once your PC software and USB driver are successfully installed and tested, you are ready to use your GS-911. Here is how to connect it to your motorcycle.


How do I install the GS-911 software and USB driver on Windows XP?
This shows a step-by-step guide of how to install the software and USB driver for GS-911
How do I install the GS-911 USB driver on Windows Vista?
This shows detailed step-by-step installation instructions on how to install the software and USB driver correctly on your Windows Vista system. This holds true for a Windows 7 system too.
How to update the USB driver
in case you did not follow the instructions and let Windows choose it's own (incorrect) USB device driver, then you have to update the USB driver.
How to import and view the CSV realtime data
In GS-911, real-time data can be logged to a .CSV file. This file is semicolon (";") separated.


How to install the mobile software?
A short generic description of the options available for installing the mobile software on your mobile device.
How to install the mobile application on a BlackBerry
Detailed instructions on what to download, how to install it and how to configure it ...for a BlackBerry
How to Configure Full Internet Access On BlackBerry
This shows you how to setup your BlackBerry device for full internet access to other third-party applications can access the internet as well - typically chat programs, other web browsers like Opera or, of course GS-911 (so you can use the Check for Updates function)
How to setup your GS911Mobile application
Searching for, connecting and testing the bluetooth connection from your mobile phone to your GS-911 interface


How do I buy from your online shop?
If you're reading this, then I hope you are purchasing another GS-911 as a gift for someone else ;-)