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How to do a Firmware recovery

How to recover the device firmware
  1. If you have not done so already, download the latest version of the GS-911wifi Config Utility here:
  2. Close any instances of GS-911 PC Application that may be running.
  3. Unplug the device from the motorcycle and USB, ensuring that it is OFF.
  4. Press and hold the red(Wifi toggle) button and plug the device into USB to power it up, whilst holding the red button in.
  5. Release the red button after it is powered up. The Power/Status LED should now be green and blinking fast continuously (5 green flashes/sec)
  6. Open the GS-911wifi Utility if it is not already launched, then right click (left-click on Mac) on the WiFi utility icon in the system tray (bottom right on Windows by default, top right on Mac) and select "Check for updates". You might have to expand the system tray (by cling the arrow) to view the Wifi utility icon hidden in the sub-section if you have not moved it.
    Win10: , WinXP: Check for updates, Mac: 
  7. This should start the upgrade process to recover the firmware on the device, follow all the relevant prompts and if any errors or failures occur, click "OK" and repeat the process from step 6 above, it may take several attempts.  Install update now
  8. Once the upgrade is completed, click “OK” then you can run GS-911 or the GS-911wifi Utility as per normal and reconfigure/test the device.