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How do I buy from your online shop?

If you're reading this, then I hope you are purchasing another GS-911 as a gift for someone else ;-)

Go to our shop page... at  Or click on any of the shop links on our website... you should be at the following page:

Note: You do NOT need a login to purchase from our online shop!


Now you can scroll the page up and down to view the different products... Once you have decided on what you want to buy, click on the button alongside the product - for instance, if you have decided on the GS-911-BLU, then click on the button that says "US$299 : click here to add GS-911-BLU to Cart"


Now you are redirected to the secure ordering facility of - choose your preferred payment option, enter your personal and shipping details, and when it comes to choosing the shipping, you have two choices as shown below:

  • FedEx
  • No shipping - I'll arrange my own

UNLESS you are planning to organize the shipping, i.e. arrange your own pickup with your own courier, you should choose the FedEx option!

If you choose the other option, then the product stays on our shelf until you drop by to pick it up, or send a courier to pick it up for you!


Now complete the ordering process

Once your order is shipped (not directly after you order!!), you will receive a confirmation email with your shipping (tracking) details, as well as your unique login details, that will enable you to download the software....