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How to install the mobile application on a BlackBerry

Detailed instructions on what to download, how to install it and how to configure it ...for a BlackBerry

Here's how to set it up...

Please Note: this does not work for the Z10 generation... (Pls. see: Will it work on my BlackBerry?)

Downloading the software

Use the GS-911downloader to find the webpage that host all the downloads.  Now you have 3 options:

  1. you could download the software from that page (right-click, save-as...) and then manually install it using your BlackBerry Desktop Manager (seems to no longer be supported to use the .JAD file to install using the Desktop Manager, thus this necessitates options 2 or 3 below ! )
  2. you could click on the email link and enter any email address that you can access on your BlackBerry device... this will send an email containing the installation link, which when you click on it in your BlackBerry, will download and install the software!
  3. copy the URL link of the page that opened in your browser (the page that lists all the downloads) - email or text (SMS) this link to your mobile device and open it on your mobile device - then click on the link that "downloads" the mobile app for your device (not the "Email this link to my phone"). - NOTE: the URL will only be valid for 2 hours! ...if you don't get around to opening the email and clicking on the link on your mobile device, within this time, just repeat the process of using the GS-911downloader...

 Also see the HowTo: How to install the mobile software

Configuring your device:

Ensure that the software is correctly installed, then:

  1. Ensure that Bluetooth is turned on.
  2. Then go to Options/Bluetooth. Select Add device from the menu.
  3. Pair with the GS911 interface (make sure it's plugged in to USB or bike). If a pin code is requested, use "0000".
  4. Then run the GS911Mobile application.
  5. Select Setup from the menu.
  6. Select "Search for devices" from the menu.
  7. Choose the GS911-xxxx device from the list provided.
  8. Select "Select device" from the menu.
  9. Select "Test device" from the menu to confirm that everything is working OK.
  10. Everything else should be more or less the same as described in the normal Mobile Setup How-To