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How to setup your GS911Mobile application

Searching for, connecting and testing the bluetooth connection from your mobile phone to your GS-911 interface

Once you have successfully installed the GS911Mobile version on you mobile device (and have confirmed that your device is actually JSR-82 compliant by testing it with the GS911Verifier application), you are ready to configure your application.  This pertains to the Bluetooth configuration and the pairing thereof, between the GS911Mobile application and the GS-911 interface.  Here's how to set it up...

Remember, What you see below are actual screen captures on a Nokia E70 - on your mobile, the menus may look somewhat different from what is shown here... that depends on what phone you have, the screen resolution and more specifically the java implementation on that specific device!


mobilelicense.jpg        mobilemain.jpg
 1. Once you start up the GS911Mobile application, you will be prompted to accept the end-user-license agreement. Only required once after installation. 2. Once accepted, you will be in the Main screen, from where you will navigate to the motorcycle series, model and controller, or alternatively setup the application.
 mobileselectsetup.jpg mobilesetup.jpg
3. Form the Main screen, press the [Options] button and choose "Setup".

4. This takes you to the Setup screen, from where you can configure the device as well as test the GS-911 interface.
 mobilesetupsearchfordevices.jpg mobiledevicesfound.jpg 
5. Make sure your GS-911 interface is powered up (Green LED).  You can power it by either having it connected to the USB port of a PC or by having it plugged into the Diagnostic Port of the motorcycle. From the Setup screen, press the [Options] button and choose "Search for devices". 6. Once the search has been completed, you should find one of the devices starting with "GS911-"  If not, make sure your GS-911 interface is powered up, and search again. Select the GS911 device accordingly and press the [Select Device] button. If at this point you are prompted for the passcode/passkey, enter four zero's "0000".
 mobiledeviceselected.jpg mobileselecttestdevice.jpg 
7. The Setup screen will show your GS-911 device. To be sure the application can communicate with the GS-911 interface, we will now TEST it. 8. From the Setup screen, press the [Options] button and select "Test device".  This will initiate comms with your GS-911 interface, and run some basic tests.
 mobileallowconnectivity.jpg mobileconnecting.jpg 
9. Your mobile should prompt you to find out whether it may allow the Bluetooth connectivity. The correct answer is 'Yes' ;-) 10. Your GS-911 interface is authenticated, tested, and thus verified and you are now sure that all is working perfectly.
mobiledeviceverified.jpg Well done !!! You are now ready to let your GS-911Mobile application work for you!

Remember that before any of the controllers will respond:
  • your motorcycle's ignition must be switched ON
  • gearshift in Neutral
  • Kill switch in RUN position
  • any alarm/immo disabled...
11. A successful "Test device" operation will show the Status as "Device verified" and will show the current Firmware version running on your GS-911 interface.