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Connecting your GS-911 to your BMW motorcycle

This shows a graphic representation of how to connect the GS-911 to the BMW motorcycle's diagnostic connector.

First you would like to know what to search for... You are looking for a 16 pin OBD connector or a round 10-pin connector on older bikes. The diagnostic connector can be located under the seat or behind a panel in various locations on the vehicle.

The 16-pin OBD connector plugs in after you have removed the dust cap.

For 10-pin diagnostic connector, remove the Cap of the diagnostic connector.

  1. Make sure your interface is the correct side up and the connector ring twisted as far left as possible.  Make sure the ignition is OFF at this point and the USB cable preferably not connected to the GS-911 interface at this point.
  2. Align the receptacle correctly (with the red tab at the bottom), and insert.
  3. Finally, twist the connector ring as far right as possible, to lock it in place.
  4. Connect the USB cable, if using USB.

The procedure to disconnect, is the reverse of the above steps.