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Downloading the software

how to download your GS-911 software

The GS-911 software should be downloaded from the downloads section of the website. You will use the GS-911downloader application to do this (found on the downloads page).

You do NOT need a username or password for the HEXCODE website. Here are the steps you should follow:

  1. Do NOT plug in your GS-911 device into the PC/Laptop USB port until prompted to do so.
  2. Download the GS-911downloader, from the Downloads page. This is a Windows PC based utility application that ONLY runs on a Windows PC Operating System. You use this application to download ALL versions (including mobile versions), to your PC, from where you can redistribute them to your mobile device. (You can also use the GS-911downloader to email the installation links to Blackberry and Android phones)
  3. Once downloaded, run the GS-911downloader utility. The GS-911downloader utility will instruct you when to connect your GS-911 interface to the PC (after it has installed the correct driver), after which it will connect to the server to determine which versions are available for download.  A browser window will be opened automatically and list the GS-911 interface details and appropriate download links.
  4. If your GS-911 interface has not yet been registered (typical for a new GS-911), the server will initiate the registration page as a first step, prior to listing your downloadable links. This registration process is required and is a once-off process.


As a helpful guide, we have provided this useful video on downloading and installing the GS-911 PC application. Click on the picture to navigate to the video section of our website.



For this User Manual we will be concentrating on the Windows PC. A small section will be dedicated to the mobile verison. More information on the installation instructions for Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, Java mobile and Android versions, please see the relevant HowTo documents under the HowTo section!