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Installing the GS-911 Software on Windows

Installing the GS-911 software on Windows 7/8/10

Once you have downloaded the GS-911 Application using the downloader utility,install the application.

For yellow devices, ensure that you have administrative rights on your system as USB driver will need to be installed. Install the software before you plug the GS-911 interface into your PC. Windows might try and load the incorrect USB driver automatically if the device is plugged in before the drivers are installed.

  1. Download the latest version of the GS-911 software (Either use Help -> About -> [Check for Updates] in your current version, or download the GS-911downloader utility from our downloads page)
  2. Connect your GS-911 interface to your PC  and test it (Tools->Setup->[Test interface] )
  3. You are now ready to use your GS-911

As a helpful guide, we have provided useful videos on downloading and installing (2nd portion of video) the GS-911 PC application.