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Needing support, where to find it

This page details the support structure for GS-911

Help, I have a question!

There are some very good Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) section under the Support tab on the GS-911 website. Try them first - chances are your question would be answered there!


Help, How do I...

There is a detailed HowTo section under the Support tab on the GS-911 website! There you will find detailed instructions raging from installing software and drivers to finding your diagnostic connector on your motorcycle...


Help, my question is not answered in the FAQ or HowTo section

If you have carefully studied the FAQ and HowTo sections on the GS-911 website, then it is time to call in the big guns...

  • if you purchased from a reseller, try contacting the reseller first
  • if you want to contact us directly, do so using the support@ email address on our "contact us" page


When contacting us, be sure to give as much detail as possible.  This would include, but is not limited to the following:

  • Your full name/surname
  • Your GS-911 serial number
  • Your version of the GS-911 software
  • The operating system / brand / model / mobile device you are using
  • A detailed description of the problem you are having.


Please Note: The above is for technical support pertaining to the GS-911 software or hardware, and not for general maintenance or repair support. That is what the GS-911 Discussion forum is there for!


Help, where do I go for general maintenance and service support

The GS-911 Discussion Forum is the right place to ask for help and to discuss service, maintenance and general discussions that are related to BMW motorcycle diagnostics.

You can subscribe to the email-based (Google-hosted) GS-911 Discussion forum, under the following link:

You will also find a link to this Discussion Forum page under the GS-911 products view in the navigation tree of the GS-911 website.


Contacting Hex Code

Please consider our time. Every minute is precious, and the more time we can devote to the development of GS-911, the faster new features will be seen! 

There are a lot of answers in the F.A.Q. and How-To sections! Please help up by studying these sections before contacting us.


Help Desk email:  (always supply your complete GS-911 Serial#) 


Telephone and Fax:
     tel:    +27-21-850-0650       
     fax:   +27-86-614-1109


Postal Address
     Postnet Suite #355
     Private Bag x15
     Somerset West
     South Africa 



The End.