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Introduction to GS-911

This depicts the general screen layout of GS-911

The GS-911 basic screen layout

GS-911 is designed with simplicity in mind.

The Menu bar

The Menu bar consists of File, Tools and Help

  • File
    • Exit : to exit the application
  • Tools
    • Setup : choose connection type, unit selection (Celsius/Fahrenheit and km/miles), as well as Test and get information on your GS-911 interface
    • Options : Setting units, and Service reminder defaults
    • Printing header : setting the print header, margins etc.
    • Send Logs : Send debug logs when we ask for them
  • Help
    • View License : Views your GS-911 End User License Agreement  (EULA)
    • Online help : Links to the Manuals section on the website (internet access required)
    • About : shows information about your GS-911 version, your interface details (serial number, firmware version and whether your interface is Bluetooth enabled), contact information of your Reseller, and the VINlimit list (only for the Enthusiast version). See the About dialog section for more details. Also includes the "check for updates" function


The Navigation bar

This shows your current navigation position within the application. See the example below of finding yourself in the "Special Functions" section of a K1600GT:



The Navigation pane

This is where all the fun stuff happens - from this pane you control your GS-911 application.  See the "Navigating the GS-911 software" section for more details.


The Status bar

The Status bar shows general status. Here you will find continuous feedback.  If you are wondering what happened or t seems nothing is happening, see what your status bar says...


The Voltage status and communication indicator

This shows the Battery voltage (Vbat) and Ignition voltage (Vign) as measured by the GS-911 interface on the Diagnostic connector of the motorcycle. It should be noted that not all of the motorcycles have the ignition voltage available on the bike's diagnostic connector. In these cases Vign will show 0.0V.

When there is communication between the interface and the PC, this is shown by a alternately blinking red/green indicator button.


Quick links to information on the website

These point you to the Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.), User Manuals and How-To sections, respectively.


Version and link to Website

Once you have started the GS-911 application, a mere glance at the Contents window shows you what version of the software you are using.