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Staying up to date

This page describes the "Check for Update" functionality as well the GS-911 forum and Announce lists

GS-911 is continuously evolving, adding support for more models, support for additional Control Modules and additional functionality to already supported Control Modules.


Keeping your GS-911 software up to date

To be sure you get the best service from your GS-911, you should make sure that you are current with the latest releases.  You can always download the latest Beta or Release version using the GS-911downloader, found in the downloads section of the website. Alternatively you can check for updates with your GS-911 application by clicking on the [Check for updates] button on the About screen.

The prerequisite for this of course, is that you are connected to the internet, and your GS-911 application has the necessary firewall rights (if applicable) to connect to the internet!  This function will either tell you that you are using the latest version, or that a New update is available for download.

Updating the Firmware of your GS-911 interface

Your GS-911 interface is a highly advanced unit, with sophisticated computational power, and the ability to be updated in the field.  As new features and functionality are released, from time to time it will become necessary to update the Firmware of your GS-911 interface.  This means that your interface has the ability to be updated as new functionality is required, making it as future proof as possible.

This is automatically done (if required) once you click the [Test interface] button in the Setup window after installing an updated PC version of the GS-911 software. Retrieving the firmware also requires an internet connection.



Can I be notified of updates?

Of course!  Release notifications are posted on both the GS-911 Discussion Forum, as well as the GS-911-announce group.  Both are email-based and Google hosted.

  • GS-911 Discussion Forum : If you wan to receive and/or take part in general GS-911 and BMW motorcycle diagnostic discussions
  • GS-911-announce : Subscribers to this group will only receive announcement pertaining to GS-911 software releases and product update notifications

If you are subscribed to the GS-911 Discussion Forum, then it is pointless to subscribe to the GS-911-announce group, as all of the announcements are posted on the GS-911 Discussion Forum as well!

You can subscribe to either of these on the Support Forum page, under the GS-911 products folder in the Navigation tree of the GS-911 website:

Google Groups