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The About screen

This sections details the About screen

You will find the About dialog under the Help in the Menu bar.  If you did not have the interface connected, connect it now and then press the [Interface information] button to retrieve all the information. If you have a GS-911 connected, you will see the following:

The About screen shows:

  • the GS-911 software version,
  • the datapack version
  • the serial number
  • the Firmware version
  • whether the connected interface supports bluetooth and/or WiFi
  • the name and email address details used during the GS-911 registration (sign-up) process.


This is also where you can check for software updates, by clicking the [Check for update] button.

An Enthusiast version will also list the 10 VIN slots - in our case above you can see that all of them have been filled. If you have a Professional version, you will not see the 10 VIN slots and it will clearly state Professional Version in bold letters. For more information, see the FAQ: How do the Professional and Enthusiast versions differ?

  • The VIN list :  very importantly, it shows the VIN numbers that have been associated with this interface, and thus the amount of free slots (more VIN numbers that can be added - zero in the example above, as all 10 VIN slots are populated). This is the VIN limit, that the Enthusiast versions are subject to. The VIN limit ONLY comes into play when using service functions - thus service functionality on Enthusiast versions is limited to 10 motorcycles.  This has NO impact on the so-called "Emergency Functionality" which is the reading of ECU information, Reading and Clearing of ALL fault codes as well as real-time values of Engine Control units. Read more on the VIN limit.

With an Enthusiast interface, besides the VIN list (10 VIN slots) you will also find a button that will enable you to upgrade your interface from an Enthusiast version to a Professional version.

  • The [Upgrade to Professional version] button : this is how you upgrade your Enthusiast interface to a Professional version at ANY time after you have purchased it! simply click the button, and it will take you to the payment gateway that will facilitate the payment of the upgrade fee. Thereafter simply follow the clear instructions... read more on the upgrade information page.