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Starting in 2009, we released Service & Maintenance functionality in GS-911.  Along with this we introduced the GS-911 Professional version. Opposite that, stands the GS-911 Enthusiast version. In essence these versions have the same functionality, except for the number of bikes the Service & Maintenance functions will work on.

Let's explain this in a little more detail.

Up to the end of 2008 we supported the reading of ECU information, the reading and clearing of fault codes, (error or trouble codes) as well as the reading and logging of certain real-time data. This functionality is still found (and updated) on both the PC and Mobile platforms, and will remain unlimited - this means you can read and clear the Fault Codes on an unlimited number of motorcycles.

The limitation ONLY applies to the Service & Maintenance functionality that was added in 2009! The limitation is best summarized in the table that follows:

Service/Maintenance functions * Emergency functionality **
GS-911 Enthusiast version:         limited to 10 different VIN numbers unlimited
GS-911 Professional version:         unlimited unlimited

The VIN numbers are read directly from the ECU and helps us determine the model type and thus the functionality.  Of course an Enthusiast version will prompt a user whether it should add a new VIN to its VIN list, before doing so. Ultimately you, the user, decide whether you would like to allocate a new VIN to one of the empty VIN slots.

All existing customers (who purchased GS-911 prior to March 2009) will by default have Enthusiast versions.  An Enthusiast interface can be upgraded to a Professional Interface at any time. How do I upgrade to the Professional version?

* The Service & Maintenance functionality was an addition to the PC-based software only and was not included in the Bluetooth Mobile version.  Service functions were more complex and required more screen real-estate and were therefore a bit impractical to implement on the Mobile devices of the era. The Bluetooth Mobile software therefore remains an "Emergency Tool" only but will be updated so all mobile versions have the same functionality (reading of ECU information, reading and clearing of fault codes, reading of real-time values). For a detailed view of current supported functionality, see the Function Chart.

** The Emergency functionality is what GS-911 had prior to the addition of the Service & Maintenance functions in 2009.  The use of this functionality remains unlimited, and hence you can e.g. read and clear codes on as many motorcycles as you wish without affecting your VINlimit! The Emergency functionality consists of:

  • Reading the ECU information (part numbers, software versions and more) on ALL supported control modules
  • Reading and clearing of ALL fault codes on ALL supported control modules
  • Reading of Real-time values on ALL ENGINE control modules