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GS-911blu information

A GS-911 hardware interface with USB and Bluetooth connectivity, compatible with K1X and K024 BMW bike models with the 10-pin diagnostic connector






GS-911blu, is a first generation diagnostic tool for BMW motorcycles. It is compatible with all the K1X and K024 chassis BMW motorcycles that have the round 10-pin diagnostic connector.

Full emergency and service functions are supported by the GS-911 Windows PC software when connecting a desktop or laptop PC to the GS-911blu with a USB cable.


In the true spirit of adventure associated with your motorcycle, the GS-911blu can also be used with a bluetooth connection to the GS-911 Bluetooth mobile application available for Android, Blackberry and Java-midlet phones. All emergency diagnostic functions are available with the GS-911 Bluetooth mobile application to help you get going when you are stuck in the middle of nowhere. Though, if you need maintenance functions to service your motorcycle in the middle of your adventure, a small laptop with the Windows PC software will have to be packed for the ride.

GS 911 interface selectcontrollerm.jpg dtc1m.jpg

(screenshots taken from a Nokia E-70)






GS-911 Windows PC software

GS-911 Bluetooth mobile app for Android, Blackberry, and Java-midlet phones
On-Board File Storage None
Connection USB or Bluetooth
USB Connector Mini-B-Type (cable supplied)
Power Supply USB and/or 12V from 10-pin connector



Bike models covered by the GS-911blu interface


View the GS-911usb model coverage. The same models are covered by the GS-911blu.



Bike models not covered


View the GS-911usb model coverage limitations. The same limitations apply to the GS-911blu.



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