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Version 1507.2 released

New versions of the GS-911 PC Application and GS-911wifi web interface have been released.

Changes in this release:

  • Added ABS pump actuation and Bleed test service functions for K001 XABS controllers.
  • Added real-time values for Fuel trim (additive and multiplicative) for BMSK, BMSKP, BMSKP2 controllers.

Changes specific to the PC Application:

  • Added option to optimize the user interface for touch screens.
  • The GS-911 PC App will now automatically navigate back to the main menu if the GS-911 interface is disconnected from the bike or PC - this will ensure that the bike model is correctly detected when inserted into a new bike.
  • You will no longer be prompted to switch on the ignition for CAN bikes that do not have an ignition voltage pin.
  • New application images.
  • Several bug fixes.

Changes specific to the GS-911wifi web interface:

  • Icons next to emergency and service functions.
  • Better model menu alignment.
  • Better control over Cloud Service timing.
  • Stylesheet optimizations.

Here are some screenshots of the new XABS service functionality:

Bleeding the ABS...


Testing the ABS Pump...