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Version 1509.2 released

New versions of the GS-911 PC Application and GS-911wifi web interface have been released.

Changes in this release:

  • Added service functions for the XESA suspension controller (ESA Calibration).
  • Added service functions for the XSAF suspension controller (Suspension Calibration, Travel Sensor Calibration).
  • Added service functions for the XRDC tyre pressure monitor (learn new activated sensors, load new sensor by ID).
  • Added service functions for the XFSA controller (Windscreen Calibrate).
  • Added support for the XKOMBI53 cluster controller (R1200R/RS LC models) emergency functions and service reminder reset.
  • Added XSAF Realtime values.
  • Added R1200R model.
  • Added R1200RS model.
  • Added new I-Levels.
  • Added new fault codes.
  • Added a restart button for real-time values that allows user to re-select values to display.
  • Fixed missing service function to switch RPM limiter for S1000R and S1000RR.
  • Various bug fixes.

Some screenshots of the new service functionality

Calibration of the XESA suspension...



Calibration of the Windscreen...



Programming a new TPM Sensor by ID...


Learning new TPM Sensors by using an activation tool...