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Version 1510.2 released

New versions of the GS-911 PC Application and GS-911wifi web interface have been released.

Changes to the GS-911wifi web interface

  • Service reminder reset for K24 bikes
  • IABS2CAN Output functions
  • IABS2CAN Bleed tests
  • BMSK Output functions
  • BMSKP2 RPM limiter switch on K24 S1000RR
  • Added XBCO controller for S1000XR
  • Added XESA Realtime values
  • Added IABS2CAN Realtime values
  • Added IABSCAN Realtime values
  • Added ABS8M Realtime values
  • Added ABS8M1 Realtime values
  • Change wifi network selection to radio buttons to better indicate it is possible to select
  • Support for Microsoft Edge Browser
  • Bug fixes

Changes to the PC Application

  • Added XESA Realtime values
  • Added XBCO controller for S1000XR
  • Bug fixes

Sample screenshots from the GS-911wifi web interface

Testing the ABS pump...
Performing a bleed test on the IABS2CAN controller....

Output tests on the BMSK controller...


Removing/Setting the RPM limit on BMSK based S1000RRs...